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For you guys wondering about the KJP. Its well made and fit into exactly what I was looking for, Im guessing these people could sell this for 100+ if they wanted I was expecting poor quality for the price. Went back for a pink one for my girl and was surprised at how fast they sold out

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Picked up a smaller day pack to add to my UC backpack. Nanamica x Yellow Rat x North Face collab.

Also picked up 2 Lad Musician tees, Mick Jagger and Fender but can't be bothered to find pics.
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undercover wool chesterfield


tb oxford
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That Undercover looks great. I look fwd to seeing it featured in an upcoming WAYWT post.

w + h:

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- Armor Lux, Breton Jumper, navy. Fantastic quality and slim fit.
- Folk, Pointelle Nearly Cardigan, petrol blue. Great colour and nice details, but the worst quality in any garment I ever bought: After wearing it twice, there was already a hole. After a cold hand wash with Wool Light, it shrank and is now too slim to wear. What a rip-off.
- Darcy Cothing, Cotton Pocket Handkerchiefs, red and navy. Traditional English spotted pattern.
- Lee, Blake Cords, sand. Same cut as their Blake Jeans.
- Garbstore, Civilian Service Chino, tan. I like the Hook and Bar fly fastening.
- Allevol, 002 Slim, 14.6oz premium Japanese red selvedge denim.
- Allevol, 002 Slim, 14oz premium Japanese denim.
I like Allevol jeans. Even the non-selvedge version has hidden rivets and the quality of the fabric is great. I’m looking forward to seeing how they age.

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Originally Posted by KingJulien View Post

^ I was eyeing those awhile back, let me know how they are?  Did you go TTS?

MOMA derbies came in from yoox today, going down a half size was perfect. The toe box is roomy but the heel is reeeaallly narrow, I can imagine this last not agreeing with a lot of people's feet. Leather seems nice, and the heel is a bit taller than it seems in the yoox pic.
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Bought white jeans. Actually very pale gray jeans shot with a thin coat of matte white paint. The effect is like gessoed canvas.

Sounds much crazier than it looks. They will get filthy fast, which isn't such a bad thing.

I will post pics for your evaluation and lolz.
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Those sneaks look rand and look like they will pair well with the camo cargos. What is the third object pictured? My guess is a tripod.
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What is rand? shog[1].gif

And yup, finally got myself a tripod biggrin.gif
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Ann Demeulemeester SS07 Threader Jacket


Drkshdw 13 oz denim jacket

so happy bout both of these, I kopped the denim jacket a month ago, been wearing the fuck outta it, and love it better than the prisoner one everyone is gettin.
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Agree with shah. Love the first one, don´t love the second one. Even steven.

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second photo is a stock photo, duh its gonna look bad
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So show us a fit pic and prove us wrong  fight[1].gif

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Might be a bit too khaki...
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