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That Damir puffer thing looks pretty awesome
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Makes me wish I weren't so broke. I want myself some shearling.
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Too bad we'll never see any of those in the WAYWT thread.
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Dude there's a margiela shearling bomber you missed, you should get that too
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So you like it, the shearling?
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That rick shearling was the one thing I liked from him this season. So nice.
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fuck you frown.gif. I have such a thing for shearling and fur lately and you just went and made my dreams come true...for yourself frown.gif
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Andrew Greg is like a black hole for clothing.
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you should get this one too Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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This all reminds me of a conversation I had with Scott a while ago.
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This reminds me of this three week conversation where I had to describe to people that polyester nap shearling doesn't exactly grow naturally on the other sides of lambskin selectively as if the animal knew it was going to be faced against wool plaid fabric or doubled up, faced as a lapel in some parts and lined in others. ffffuuuu.gif Then again I was arguing this with the world's biggest (and soul-wise, smallest) internet troll, so yeah.
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First pair of Lanvin

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Originally Posted by andrewgreg View Post

Sorry for the quality of these pics

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Dimensions: 2,448px × 3,264px


Nice haul though
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andrewgreg´s cops are mad.

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