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Recent purchases - Part II - Page 1422

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viridi anne is nice quality, equal to attachment.
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i'm a fan
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Dries, got for super cheap off yoox
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mr porter sale this morning...raf aviators and ugly ass brown gat mids that nobody but me liked.
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balenciagas here! so fucking cool. need many more pairs.

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Nice cat.
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Trying to stick to forum-hyped buys only.
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nice geller pickup. That has a really nice fabric, although it doesn't fit me right :| in between a 50-52
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Both came in the mail today!! Playin' Uncharted on the toilet at work~~


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remember to wash hands.
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Some study found traces of fecal matter on a significant number of smart phones (30%? I cannot recall). Remember that the next time you want to play with somebody's phone.
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This one guy who works at the company next door in my building holds his dick with one hand while he texts with the other....and he doesn't wash his hands. I always open the door to the bathroom with a paper towel wrapped around my hand.
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I text while pissing

other people's phones gross me out i don't touch that shit

i think i'm the only one who regularly cleans my phone

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Man its a real american cultural trait to be borderline - obsessive about infection

Its why we have such bad immune systems these days

I never understood it, its not like most people are neutropenic
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