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Schneider scarf. No more after this one, I swear!

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Originally Posted by DLester View Post

^what are those? Look nice

The raf boots I posted in Should I a short while ago. I really like them - both in videos and in person.

Originally Posted by pickpackpockpuck View Post

Those are awesome. Raf, I think. Probably these (correct me if I'm wrong): http://www.mrporter.com/product/169990

Yep, that's it. Pulled the trigger after watching all the videos in which the boots are used (and I really wish there's easy way on MRPORTER to search for all the videos in which some piece of footwear appears). Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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Baller footwear collection you're starting to grow, _yoo.
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Yoo, you will get a ton of use out of those. I could wear those 2-3 times a week.
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Twill 511, pleb buy.
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Raf tank, somehow I have like 4-5 of them now. Please excuse the ILS, was flexin to highlight v shape. foo.gif
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Those Raf boots are awesome. A bit dear though, would be an instakop if they were $800 and not $1200. ffffuuuu.gif
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Even though I had "promised" myself to stop buying footwear online. Damn big/wide feet...
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Yezzir, can't wait til they hit my door. Streak of RP posts that don't involve clothing ftw

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You'll be the creepiest guy on the alps.
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I remember showing up at a-basin with the old Scratch Moguls and having a crazy-eyed, bearded liftie point at my skis and yell: "I know why you bought those. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBS."
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its always cute how people feel the need to post their non clothing purchases on a "style" forum because it somehow gives them some satisfaction that others know they have other hobbies.

I'm not even trying to attack you specifically AR but its something that has lingered in my mind for a while. Also, I don't just mean the act of posting something that isn't clothing, but making sure that everyone KNOWS it isn't.
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That shit's deep, man.

You don't see how that relates to like 320993092 of your posts, do you? Give it some time.
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uh huh. That was the wrong post to bring this point up with (since I was rather strong with it, so now it will hold less weight), but I recall there being some pretty annoying ones which almost acted like non-clothing purchases had some higher importance to them, etc. Just forget it, lol

I just haven't been as aggressive with my opinions until lately..since this forum works better.
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