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what eck said. should get em in a few days
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Briza...those are beautiful!
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Where the hell did you find them new?- I've seen the pics somewhere before.

nicelynice- thumbs up on that shirt.
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no wonder the toe shape on those look very similar to my carpe derbies. Don't really know the model of my derbies though.


these are mine. what's the model of these, eck?
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Yours is the S45M too- I think he has a double sole on his and you have the single sole

Cdiem single sole (blake-stitch)


Cdiem single sole (goodyear welt)


Cdiem double sole (goodyear welt)

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first time poster, go easy on me. just got these beauties.




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thanks for the claifications eck. are those side zips in the first picture yours? looks ace. wish I could kop.
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Your welcome- yep, they're mine- I put up an IC last weekend, received a full price offer and I backed out on the transaction. I don't wear them at all but the S40M model is really rare. I just not sure if I'm willing to part with them yet.

MA+ boots just showed up this morning with Fedex man- icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

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thumbs up on them eck. how's the sizing? do they fit?
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With MA+ I size down 1.
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eck what do you wear your ridiculous collection of boots with? 0_0
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Lately- Rag&Bone jeans or Drkshdw jeans, whatever tees (v-neck, u-neck, whatever really) I have laying around- it's super hot in Texas still. I'll swap out the tees for LUC sweaters (I just bought a couple of these and they are amazing) in A/W. Add a CCP leather or PH jacket on the colder days. Nothing crazy really.
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you hsould take a fit pic
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i dont get why no one invests in nice shirts.
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Are we speaking of button up dress shirts or just tee shirts? I know that I love my Corpus tee's and would love the opportunity to stock up on white black and blue ones if the option presented itself. $40 a shirt can be a bit steep in all honestly but I do get tons of wear out of my main two already.
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