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Sold, thanks.

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Going, going gone.
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Moved pics above with 2/24 price drop.
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Price drop.
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I bought a pair of AE shoes in 12 E and find them too tight, especially in terms of width. Do you think these would be a good replacement?
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Can you humor me and post the measurements?
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How are those 12E tight Richmaguni? Width or length? These are 3E so they should be slightly wider than the E. Of course these are going to be longer too at 12.5.

I bought these because I needed an emergency pair of black dress shoes. Just slapped an insole in them, but they were still a bit too long to want to wear often. For reference, I have a pair of 12D AE Drydens that are snug in the toe box.
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An answer to that request for measurements...

Length: 13 5/8"
Width: A hair over 4 5/8"
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I'll see if I can try on any 12.5 EEE's at the AE store tomorrow. Then, if the shoe fits...
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