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Eyeglasses that auto shade in the sun?

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Who has them? How fast do they clear up once you walk inside the office? Is it worth my time or am I still above it?
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transition lenses? my father had a pair years ago when they first came out. he said they were the most annoying things ever and hasn't bought a pair since...
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They always seem to give off that "pedophile" look when I see people wearing them.
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i have transitions. they work pretty good. my SIL used to work for transistions so everyone in the family had them. i think the auto shade is a little slower when its really cold out (like zero).
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It's hard to pull off - I had a pair in high school and usually, it was in a state of slightly tinted. If you can rock aviator style eyeglasses, then I would say they would be fine for you, otherwise - avoid. For example, they would work on these I think:
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i prefer conservative and boring with glasses since everyone and their maids have aviators/cokes/rimless/squaregeekchics etc, so dull is the new hip for me and was never really into trends being the maven that i am so something along the lines of.. but most likely even more arid and lifeless if i find something i'd say 80/20 use in office/street; just i think the lame/conventional office glasses which i'm going for might look weird shaded as most transitions i've seen were something along the lines of aviators
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There are new ones that are completely clear indoors and will darken even inside of a car. But I agree about the frame style
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Do not get those transition lenses. Buy two separate glasses. Why? Transitions are not polarized. That, pretty much, is all there is to say about that.
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I've got transitions on all my glasses. I've got some black plastic frames and some ic! berlin frames which, in my opinion, look good. Also, they clear up pretty much completely - you can tell by holding them up against a white surface.
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Just spring for a pair of glasses and a pair of sunglasses. Yeah, pain in the ass switching between the two, but you really need polarized sunglasses.

Personally, I like having a few options sunglasses- and glasses-wise. Expensive, but nice to have options/backups.
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Transitions Lenses will give you that IT help desk look.
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I tried using them and found them frustrating. They didn't turn dark fast enough outside, and worked well only when in direct sunlight (as in, running off into the sunset).
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Why do people seem to think you must have polarized lenses? Quite apart from the fact they only block a small section of the light it means that you can't read many screens. If I wear polarized lenses I can't use my phone properly, can't see my sat-nav, can't use the DVD playing in the car. Most importantly though, I can't check myself out in the reflections of a shop window!
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I'm a big fan of Transition lenses. I have used them on my last 3 pairs of glasses. They are clear when indoors and darken reasonably quick when outdoors. As a person who has to wear prescription eyewear all the time, the best part of is that I can have both a pair of regular glasses and shades in a single pair of glasses. The only downside with Transitions is that they are UV activated so they do not darken while you're in a car, as an example. Otherwise, I now always include Transitions when I order my lens. Also I would recommend adding anti-reflective as well. It complements the Transitions nicely.
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The glasses that you are looking for are transition lenses. Theses lenses are multi purpose which will act as a sunglasses and clear glasses while inside. Good quality transitions lens will turn dark with 20-40 sec can will clear out within 40 sec. Depending on the brand and price the quality of the lenses will depend
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