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Impractical luggage for the discerning igent

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For only the most refined senior members.

I've had a bit of an arduous day getting back from Stockholm and I still have a TON of things to post about but this post about this particular LCF graduate has been due since the MA show last week when her out-of-control luggage caught my eye. Nay, "caught" is an incorrect word. They very elegantly swayed and glided into my path of vision. I wanted to wait until the other half did a very indepth interview with LCF MA Fashion Artefact grad Sarah Williams who has fused her love of impeccable craftsmanship with pushing the boundaries of conventional luggage. I don't think I've ever seen such a literal collision between the new-gen and respect for old techniques. I'll leave her to explain her thought processes and intentions but suffice to say, she's keen on setting up her own design label which means I'm going to start saving up the pennies for the ultimate vanity case and portable trunk complete with overly-specifically shaped pockets for storing all of my odd-shaped accessories.

The cases and the work of other LCF MA Fashion Artefacts and Footwear grads are on exhibition until tomorrow at the Mall Galleries if you want to double check that these shapes are....and I can't quite believe I'm ending a post on this... fo' real!

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I'm going to commission her to do custom cases for my reel-to-reel tape deck and cassette deck.
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Poo should get a -shaped case made, so that mafoofan can be safe during their international journeys.

Let me stress, though: do not forget the snorkle.

- B
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Not my cup of fur.
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i think this is neat
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I intend to get a set for my next trip so that they will look like an expensive tetris game falling into the baggage carousel.
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Owners of this luggage wouldn't have a problem with someone else mistaking the luggage for being their own.
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Price points for those who would like to indulge

Williams- British Handmade

Retail Price List

Picnic Box: £3480 Suitcase: £3200

Small Satchel: £1850 Medium Satchel: £2140

Arch Case: £4600 Briefcase: £2940

Trunk: £8500 Trunk Case: £3000
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