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Incotex & zanella

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What are your thoughts on Incotex & Zanella? What do you like or dislike about each one? Which companies make the best slacks?
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My choice would definitely be the Incotex. If you check the "Buying and Selling" section, subsection "ebay questions", A.Harris and I have a discussion about Incotex pants.  Also in the "HOF Men's fashion website" section we also discuss this topic. I consider Incotex, along with Rota and Kiton the finest Italian pants you can get.  Incotex is nice in having three lines: Informale (a more casual pant, however some of the pants are as detailed as..), Formale (dress pants), and Satoriale (handmade). I don't like Zanella, specifically their styling and what you get for your money. I will let A.Harris elaborate.
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I'd agree with T4phage that Incotex hands-down makes a superior product to Zanella (at least, regular Zanella, as opposed to Platinum Label Zanella, which I've never tried and don't know anything about). I'd also agree that Zanella styling (particularly the triple-pleat abominations) often leaves something to be desired.
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Incotex pants are awesome. They fit incredibly well and are extremely well made.
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