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Church's "Paris" Style?

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I just bought a pair of Church's shoes from the store on Madison Ave in NYC. They're the black "Paris" bench-grade style. These are my first pair of "high class" shoes and I wanted to make sure I got my money's worth, so I have a couple questions! Thank you!

1. I haven't seen this "Paris" style anywhere on the Church's web site or online. Does anyone know anything about these, and are they a decent shoe?

2. These have a polished leather, not the grain leather featured on the custom-grade shoes. Is polished okay, or is grain better?

3. Everyone keeps talking about the post-Prada decline in quality, but these seem to be pretty good. Is the post-Prada quality decline real or hogwash?

Thank you!!!
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two years later did you ever get an answer? I am contemplating buying a pair now. What are your thoughts?

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No, I never got an answer! But I'm happy with them. I wear them 1-2 times per week and so far they're still great. They're comfortable (as much as a dress shoe can be, anyway), and they've held up well. The polished binder looks good actually. If you're interested in them I'd say get them. Hope that helps!
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I'm thinking about purchasing a pair of these. Are you still happy with yours? Please describe the fit. Do you they run wide? narrow? Thank you!
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Yup, I'm still happy with them. They're still comfortable (as much as a dress shoe can be), they look great, and they're holding up well. I don't wear them everyday though. Prob wear them a couple times per week. I have several pairs of black dress shoes, but these are my most formal so don't wear them in all occasions. I'm very happy with them and glad I bought them.

Regarding the width, I'm not sure what the sizing is. I think they're a tad narrow. But I have just a slightly wide foot and they seem to fit fine. It's hard to tell because some shoes cause me a problem in width due to the cut and style, not necessarily due to the width per se. These seem okay with my foot. I don't think I can be too much help on this one.
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