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Cufflinks and computers

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Hi all. I have mentioned this before before the site went down and besides many new people have joined.
I enjoy wearing french cuff shirts and cufflinks However I find when working at my computer, that the cufflinks tend to get in the way, I simply unfasten the cufflinks, and fold the cuffs back twice, I also do this on warm days as well.
Wonder if any other members of the forum do this, or experience the problem of cufflinks getting in the way while typing.
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happens to me too. however, I'm told by ergonomists (is that even a word?) your keyboard should me moved to the edge (closest to you). I'm also told to avoid keyboard wrist pads. If these things are done, you don't have to worry about your links anymore.
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Always roll back at my desk. It also largely prevents you getting dirt marks on your cuffs.
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Just tilt the cuffs to the side. No problem for me.
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I roll my cufflinks to the side, but then I run into another problem - banging my cufflinks on the desk. I've damaged some cufflinks this way before.

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I have never had this problem with french cuff shirts.
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