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Warehouse Duck Digger 1950 sizing? - Page 2

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they fit me a lot different- they were more of a fitted fit for me i think. i tried on the 30 raw (measured 32"), to get an idea of how the 32's would fit after wash. they look a little baggy on you.. maybe trying on a 2 sizes down doesn't indicate fit very well, perhaps?
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Very nice they look good. Did you take before and after measurements?
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xcoldricex, I think that the two sizes down is probably pretty accurate. These are looser on me than the Sorahikos that I bought in size 30, but these have a higher rise and I don't like the waist too tight.

Jetta, thanks! I did not take any before measurements. I did measure the waist after washing and drying and it was somewhere between 30 and 31, I can't remember. They definitely do shrink a lot, but I would say Hinoya's measurements are closer than Bears (as I believe has been said before.)
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Cool, so they shrank about the same ratio as mine did (I have gotten crap in other threads since my jeans seem to shrink like they are supposed to while many others say theirs never shrink) Good to know. Enjoy your jeans! we expect worn in pics in 6 months
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Congrats on the Duck Diggers.

Just for the record, in my experience with the DD 50s it's worth buying an inch more than your 'regular size'.

ie. If you normally wear 32, then get a 33.
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ringring's back! yeah that's what the guy told me to do at the store- but if you don't wash your jeans too often, getting your regular size should be ok since they stretch? or maybe they'd be too tight?
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Just try them on in the store. I reckon if you can get the button done up and still have enough room to stick a finger between your hips and the waistband, then you're good to go.
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Yeah, when mine were raw they fit like a pair of loose fit jeans, would have needed a belt to keep them up if I wore them out, but not so bad they would look like clown pants. Of course they are size 34 and I am a 33, so yeah, I would go up 1 size unless you want them super tight and I am not so sure how well these would look super tight.
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It's seem a little baggy

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