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Warehouse Duck Digger 1950 sizing?

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Going by the Bears web site, it seems they are shrink to smaller than tagged.

Going by some comments on superfuture, they shrink to tag size or larger than tag size.

Can anyone comment on a pair they got recently?
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hey tangerine,

they shrink an unbelievable amount. the beige leather tag shrinks down to a tiny, brown, rock-solid chunk of leather.

btw, the duck diggers actually look great. i think i prefer the fit on them more than a lot of these 501 repros out there.

a good way to see how much they shrink is to take one of their washed distressed diggers and compare it to one of their raw ones. if you are in the new york area, blue in green has a bunch of duck diggers that just came in. unfortunately, they are samples right now, but different sizes will be coming in soon.
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The prewashed Duckdiggers at BIG are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY smaller than the tagged size. Craziness. I did not even put enough A's in there.
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goddamn it. i still want a pair of these.
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my tagged 34's shrank to about 33.5" in the waist after a soak, this was a cold soak, i would imagine a hot soak would bring them down even smaller, which is probably why the one wash are smaller than tagged size since they tend to go very hot for the wash. They were gigantic pre-soak, close to 36" and I was actually worried they would be too big since I am inbetween a 33 and 34 for the most part, but they fit perfect after the soak.
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yeah, it's funny about how much they shrink. i took 5 pairs of 29 inch duckdiggers at BIG and lined them up.

first, the raw
second, the one wash
third, light wash
fourth, medium wash
fifth, heavy wash

each one was smaller than the pair before.

the raw pair was a nice fit on me (i wear 31 usually)

the light wash was pretty tight and the heavy wash was way too tight.
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Thanks for the info guys, very helpful and much appreciated.

Jetta, did you hang-dry them, or put them in a dryer?
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Mizanation, did you get a chance to try the hard wash on in your correct size? Interested to know how they shrink over time/washing.

Tangerine, I soaked them inside out, put in the washer for a spin cycle to get the excess water out then hung to dry.
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^^^ jetta, i tried the hard wash in a 29. it was very, very hard to button all the buttons. the 29 in a hardwash state is very close to a 29 on a thoroughly washed redline levi 501 (the tightness, not the shape), meaning i can fit myself in but it is very uncomfortable.

if anyone is interested in buying, maybe it would be a good idea to buy through blue in green. if it doesn't fit, i'm sure you could send it back and they could send you a size smaller or bigger. they will have an online store in a week or two, i think. i was just there today, and they had a bunch of the 1930 duckdiggers that just came in--both in washed and raw state.
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I ended up going for my "true" size, 31. Thanks xcoldricex for handling my mid-transaction adjustment!

Based on the very good information here, and being limited to the relatively primitive wash machines at my local laundromat, I settled on a warm machine wash and hot dryer, taking the jeans out when still slightly damp in the fly placket (thickest part.) I was aiming to get the majority of shrinkage done without "overshooting" and ending up with a waist tourniquet.

All these pics are post wash.

The tag didn't suffer too much.

Gold selvage line.

An attempt to convey the texture; bobbly and hairy.

Front and rear pocket details:

Being worn. Sorry about my dirty mirror.

Thanks to all who helped. I am very satisfied with the jeans, and the fit. These are nice.
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AH not here too! why doesn't anyone take pictures of their jeans with shirts on?!
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thanks for the pictures by the way.
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Originally Posted by xcoldricex
AH not here too! why doesn't anyone take pictures of their jeans with shirts on?!

ha ha, because then people always say "it would look better if you didn't tuck your shirt in."

Next time, though, I'll wear a shirt... a pig shirt, I'm thinking.

Thanks again for your help with these.
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nice purchase, tangerine. what made you get that type of duckdigger? the belt loops and the rivets?
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^ The 1950 cut is the only Duckdigger style I've seen that I really like. I'm not a fan of cinchbacks or looser cuts, and I use both my back pockets so one back pocket is not practical for me.
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