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Originally Posted by Guyute View Post
Anyone know of any Natural Leather goods companies comparable to Tanner Goods but perhaps a little more affordable? I'm looking for some standard belts an wallets that will age nicely and wont cost me too much... Thanks for input. is a great option.
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What do you guys think of the sellers on eBay offering suits to your exact measurements? They can be had from around 100 euro including shipping.

I'm on a very tight budget, so I'll either get a tuxedo from a highstreet shop (topman, etc) or from one of these sellers. I figure the fact that the eBay one should fit well and uses 100% wool trumps the high street alternative of getting it tailored after buying it and being a mix of cotton/polyester.

Thoughts? Keeping in mind that I'm a broke student and obviously don't expect the suit to last for years and years at this price.
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*moved to noob recommendations thread*
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I've been on the search for a medium-long lightweight military style parka and I haven't had much luck so far. Basically what I've been looking for is something like this older H&M oversized parka I missed a couple years back.

But I'm also cool with a modern fishtail type parka as long as it's cotton and not some tech fabric. And actually, I'm also okay with other military styles too as long as it's cotton, between parka and 3/4 length, and not some kind of trench coat.

Any suggestions?
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Hey guys,

I have a small aversion to wearing shirts when i go out (i'm in uni) cause i love my tee's and every single person wears a shirt.

Now my question is can i wear t-shirts with shoes like these ?

Any tips on the right style of tshirt, etc is welcome along with suggestions for non-trainer shoes that can be worn with tshirts but no CAT boots please.

Cheers guys.
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Where has Get Smart been?
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Going to be buying a small-ish leather card holder soon, the inside has a simple card slot on each side when opened up, but no place for cash... i asked if it would be possible to add a clip to the inside and unfortunately they cannot do that for me... i'm wondering if there's something out there specifically the size of a credit card for the inside of a card case/wallet that i could slide in one of the card slots that has a low profile wrap around piece to pin down some folded up bills... dunno if i'm explaining myself clearly haha

I tried looking around google for a bit but didnt see anything close to what i'm seeking.
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I only have one stainless steel sporty watch. My question is for true nitpickers, can I wear this watch with a belt that has a gold buckle? Thanks
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Is it normal for Rogues Gallery sizing to be inconsistent within the same pieces? Like i ordered both a black and green striped chest zip hoodie in size M from Gilt and the black is an inch shorter both in body length and arm length, otherwise they are the same width wise. The sleeves are 30 and 31" long, so its really a non issue... i was just curious.
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anyone ever moved buttons over on a shirt before to get it to fit a bit bigger in the chest?

I have an XS jcrew vintage oxford which is a bit tight in the chest, it would fit perfect if i could gain another inch there. after measuring, i could gain 1/2" (better than nothing) by moving the button on the chest over and I'd still have a safe amount of fabric attached so it doesn't pop off. anyone ever done this? any problems, like it looking funny or anything?

I'm probably gonna do it anyway tonight or tomorrow if i've got nothing better to do, but I figured if theres any input to be had I should get some first.
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Originally Posted by eightfour View Post
Do these glasses suit my face?
Or would another type suit my face better? Thanks in advance.
pretty good, you might consider a slightly more squared off pair.
Originally Posted by meanpeoplesuck View Post
What color socks would go with these trousers and shoes?
Should I try and match my socks and trousers, or would that be too formal?
it's pretty casual, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Black, white, whatever. Or you could have some fun and do like a light blue argyle or something.
Originally Posted by cgardel View Post
I have a pair of these Chucks in taupe with black trim. If you're wearing these with dark denim jeans, what color belt would you choose?
black could look interesting, or just go way out there like red. Lands end has a red cloth belt on sale right now for like $9
Originally Posted by Eason View Post
WTF, why do my jeans always get a fade crease under the left rear pocket? They don't get it on the right, just the left. Fades first and has to get repaired first, and it's on all my raw jeans. What's up with that?
maybe something to do with left-hand twill? is there seam twist on one of your legs? that might mean the whole pair is shifted to one side and then there's extra fabric bunching up. I honestly don't know, just thinking of something random.
Originally Posted by Blogiversum View Post
I just bought a Levis Trucker Jacket from the RedTab Collection today.
Can someone point me to some photos showing how to pull of a nice look?
Was thinking of a shirt and grey jeans. Any other ideas? Thanks for your help!
I remember one of the guys in the SW&D WAYWT thread posting a jean jacket, I think member "Biscotti"? check out his looks anyway, sort of rockabilly style sorta.
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I need a slim button down for tucking that will fit an extremely V shaped torso (38" chest, 26" waist)

pref ably no chest pocket.
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Originally Posted by Bring The Noise View Post
I need a slim button down for tucking that will fit an extremely V shaped torso (38" chest, 26" waist)
pref ably no chest pocket.

At that point, seriously you're going to have soo few options. I couldn't even name you any with that much drop.
Just find something that fits your neck and shoulders and get it tapered for $15-20. What are the chances of finding anything OTR. Either it'll be obscure, expensive, weird, etc. Just buy relatively normal slim shirts that you like and tailor them, that's my op.
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how do you guys think of this polo, lots of details... is that called trying too hard?
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