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Originally Posted by Stizzyle View Post
What does the Style Forum think of this combo? (Hoodie subject to change)

1. It looks like one of those Korean pieces on eBay with utter shit quality, worse than the worse of Old Navy

2. Pairing a dress shirt + tie + that terrible thing is a beastly hideous look
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Question about jean alterations. I need a pair of jeans tapered. I've have a pair tapered by a local tailor previously and wasn't happy with the results. What are some options besides denim doctors? Any have experience with Denim Surgeon or Denim Therapy in NYC?
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Originally Posted by Phiberglass View Post
Can anyone ID this denim? Thanks!

APC petit standard
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Originally Posted by Jacob_G View Post
APC petit standard

Thanks! Pioneer wash I'm assuming?
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Can anyone tell me where I can purchase this particular Penfield vest. Any info to help in the search would be appreciated. Even jus a name to search.
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Has anyone from the States purchased from SCOUTTHESTORE ( How's their service? Any feedback? Thanks!
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Do they still make these Dior Homme 19cm in indigo? If so, is there someone on the forum who still proxies them? I'm interested in getting a pair.
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Does anybody know of a suede protector that doesn't discolor the shoe?
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What do you do with the long piece of ribbon / fabric that is sewn on the back of Rick Owens t-shirts? I'm talking about the thing that the price / size tag is attached to. Do people generally remove it, or does it just hang down inside the shirt? Does it serve any purpose?
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can I wear chino with t-shirt?
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Hi, i need some help with Imgur. Is it possible if i have a picture of lets say a Julius leather jacket and i would like to keep the picture in my Imgur folder - but i want to remember that its a Julius jacket. Is it possible to add text on the picture itself, not its name but to add a caption on the picture. Also, anyone know if its possible to add small documents to Imgur?
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Where should chinos cut off if not rolling up? Above the ankle? Below? Also if I'm a 32 W in jeans I am also a 32 W in shorts relatively speaking?
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if I order from antonioli do I have to anything to get the VAT tax removed?
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KR3W Franklin Sneaker. These look pretty dope, but I'm not familiar with KR3W's quality. I'm really impressed with most of their footwear's aesthetic, but if I'm gonna drop $150 on these I would like them to last for a while. Anyone have experience with this brand?
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Does anyone know if I can wash a 100% cotton blazer in a washing machine without destroying it? A little shrinkage would be fine, I'm just worried about destroying it as the tag says dry clean only.

The jacket is a brooks brothers 100% cotton twill blazer, the material is fairly thick / heavy. The interior is lined with what looks like chambray, sleeves are lined with polyester. Thanks.
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