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Originally Posted by user7 View Post

If the site won't let you, try calling. I think they'll even credit you the shipping and let you return (once or twice..) if it's too late.

sent a message via the email system, hope it gets there in time. i'll call them tomorrow morning too.
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xposted from streetwear shoes: I'm in love with quoddy bluchers, but I can't justify 220 + shipping to canada for a pair of bluchers. can anyone recommend another decent blucher for spring/summer? i'm willing to spend up to 130$ if I find something decent. qualities I'm looking for: decent shape, nice leather, brick/light sole. I've found llbean & eastland, but apparently the leather is shit, and with the black soles they just look like old people shoes. eastland: llbean: quoddy for sw:
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Arrow Moc < 130
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Originally Posted by shortbreadluver View Post
Thought I'd try asking again:

Where can I get nice, affordable streetwear boots in size 6?

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How is y-3 for sizing? Size up .5 for hemlas?
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Can anyone comment on the Vael Project Brogue boot fit? Vend. out of my half size, should I go up or down a half size?
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Does anyone have any experience with this site/make?

Shirts look nice, made in italy, mop buttons etc, reasonable prices aswell.
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Originally Posted by pikachoo View Post
can someone identify these? thanks
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Men's socks, dressy or at least not athletic.....

I am constantly having problems with finding quality socks. Everytime someone recommends a brand, it is either cheaper in quality, too thick, or bad designs. I have done Paul Smith, Burberry, a couple Japanese cheap brands that I cannot think of the names, Hugo Boss, cheapish Nordstom label, Calvin Klein....not really happy with any of them except the Paul Smith which are not easy to find in Seattle. I want a good brand that is 1) indigo friendly 2) thin (as oppose to think wool) 3) good designs or solids 4) price between $10 - $30 USD. From an affiliate would be ideal. Any recommendations?
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Currently looking to proxy a few things from Uniqlo in Japan. I know they have the Vintage Chino in the NYC store, but do they have a similar slim cut chino on the Japanese website?

If so could someone point me towards it? Thanks
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where can I get good brown and cordovan-colored belts, in work and non-work appropriate styles? There is an endless supply of tacky belts but few good ones. I find that the tacky details are just there to distract from the low quality leather.

-- No cheesy gold buckles or faux croc.
-- Low profile, so it doesn't bulge out like a hernia under a light sweater.
-- I would prefer to spend less than $200 per belt.


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I believe Alden makes (real) cordovan belts for around $200, might be a bit over
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Where can I get a dark, slim fitting indigo shirt?
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What's the difference? Does the parka have a longer body?
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Originally Posted by Jon Cruz View Post
What is people's experience w/ collar shirts from Martin + Osa? I know they are owned by American Eagle (main reason I am hesitant) but some ppl have given their stuff the OK. I'm just looking at a Broken-In Straight Collar Shirt and some of the shirts they have on sale.

Also, I'd appreciate it if someone can give me an idea of their sizing as they don't mention sizing measurements. I'm 5'7.5 140 and don't know whether their XS or S would fit best. Many thanks.

Straight collars will fold all around with no collar roll. They do at least stand up fairly well instead of spreading out.

Get a S. M&O shirts are slimmer than JCrew or BR for reference. I'm 5 10, 160 and wear a M in the 2 shirts I got from there.
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