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spilled some vodka on my leather wallet (tanner goods classic bifold in natural) - is there anything i should or can do to help alleviate the smell and staining, or do i just write it off as 'character'?

I know a place here in Los Angeles that saved my wallet from a different, but no less disastrous, accident. I left a very nice wallet in my pants and ran it through the washing machine. I thought I was done for, but Shay—the owner of Shay's purse cleaner—at the following phone # and website, was a lifesaver. She took my wallet into "intensive care," and restored it, good as new. Suggest you call her, explain your situation and see what she says. Again, can't recommend her highly enough. Good luck!


323 932-1245

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I have a pair of 21oz Tapered Fit Unbrandeds in size 32, and I want to get a pair of their Tight Fit next, but unsure what size I should get.

The size 32 in the Tapereds is spot on in the top block and I wouldn't be able to size down even if I wanted, and they have barely stretched at all.

According to the measurements in the website, the thigh in the Tight fit is just 0.25'' smaller, and the waist a full inch.

I'm not sure if I should size up. I'm thinking my Tapereds are pretty tight already in the top block and the Tights are marginally smaller, but I guess that 14oz denim will stretch more than the 21oz. What would you do?
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Also, does anyone know about COS jeans sizing? Slim tapered cut looks good to me.



In H&M slim fit I'm a 31 but no idea about COS.

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Does anyone here own a Crescent Down Works down sweater? If you do, I need some help, please.


Have you ever actually worn it on a mountain or skied in it? Or worn it outside while snow is falling? If so, how is it?


Please advise.



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^yea sure, would look fine/ok.
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Does anyone have experience with the Todd Snyder "Extra Trim Fit" shirts? If I wear a medium in Gant Hugger (snug but not too tight), should I go for a medium or large in the TS?
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Is there a threat for streetwear watches? What would one wear at a gallery opening/fine dining/casual speaker thing? Is it douchey to do the kinds of watches they speak of on the CM forum (Rolex, Omega, Cartier)
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IMO fine to wear any of those. Probably going to be more low key if you wear something that is not instantly recognizable like a Rolex though.
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anyone know where to get some decent flannels? I like the ones that APC and OL have but they are pretty expensive, especially APC

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Can I assume AW products will be more cold resistant compared to SS?

Trying to pick some winter wear from Y! but unsure whether it will be suitable to the place I am traveling to.
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I was hoping I didn't have to ask about this so soon but I do. What is the recommended attire for a funeral service? Dark, not necessarily black suit and tie, and white shirt?

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What's a cheap alternative to an A1923 blazer like this?:

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Can someone identify these glasses?
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What do you guys wear for winter coats, and what brands can you recommend? I have a Schott navy peacoat made of 32 oz. Melton wool, but I want something more casual, and perhaps more rugged-looking for a New England winter. Maybe a parka? I really like this one at NMWA from Norwegian Rain, but it's out of my price range.



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