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other than luisviaroma....where can i find sz 31 dior homme "second round" denims? \\


that site is sold out of 31.


would have to call the official dior homme stores in US or EU ....or stores that sell them but i have no idea which stores exactly since they dont advertise it on websites?

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Anyone ever purchase a Yoox blazer that's listed as "fits small, choose one size up" but turns out to fit perfectly Italian snug TTS?

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I'll be staying in Union Square SFO for a few days this week. Any good shopping suggestions?
I have no particular needs at the moment, really. Maybe some lightweight denim. A hat shop would be great. Any interesting Japanese labels that have stores in town?

My style is mid-range, over-40, semi-cool dad-with-no-further-aspirations-than-to-make-sure-he-doesn't-embarrass-the-kids style.
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I think IF, Tokyo 7 (consignment), and Dover Street Market would be the best places to go for Japanese brands, but they might be a little "hip" for your taste. 

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Anyone know who carries Two Feet Ahead crew socks these days? Hickorees and Woodlands did but no longer. Independence does but they only take a credit card. Looking for an on-line store that accepts paypal.

thanks !
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Can I have some opinions on this thread?


Also, what shoes would look good with a blue or white polo and khakis? Could you maybe send me some pictures as well?

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Originally Posted by RicPac View Post

I been on a bespoke basics sort of trip. Slow fashion movement. I would like to purchase a pair of wool grey trousers. If anybody knows of a good place in ny or an online retailor, please let me know.


I like Epaulet trousers.  They have some stores in NY but I've only bought online.

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HI there all, im a forum noob, great site, really nice to see a comprehensive resource out there for classy  clobber, exactly what i was looking for. Im a new online retailer, if you want to see the listing for one of these ties, please just search for bironi and filter it to highest price first. Id rather over price it then find it goes after 3 mins on BIN lol. Anyway, thank you for having me.


I have 2 bironi ties, they are chevroned with silk pleats, 8 chevrons, and 8 pleats. Im looking to sell them, but have no idea what there worth. The closest example ive found online are pricey, but no where near as good as the ones i have. Could somebody take a look at them for me? Tell me what, why and when they are, and give me some idea of the retail value? 

I cant find any bironi ties like this online, not at the online store, ebay, anywhere, and for that matter any other makers. it carries so much silk it obviously took a lot of time and effort to make.

 There both italian hand made, i welcome any volunteers to help me out as they seem very rare. Many thanks, Mike








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Does anyone know where I could find polos like the one in the following link (thinner cotton for more casual uses) that are a little shorter in length:
Really loved the look and the fit, but the small size extended well below my fly/zipper.
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What color khakis would go best with a blue or white polo?
Also, what color Vans Classics would go well with those khakis and polo?

Thanks for any opinions/help!
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Q: I have this canvas shirt I bought to wear day-in-day-out, only, after one wash, it seems to be inexplicably creased. tried everything. anyone know any way of getting rid of the creases?

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Try ironing it?
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tried that for about an hour straight.

maybe it's just asos quality.
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