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Does anyone know in which country the Beams Plus Garment Dyeed M-65 Jacket is made?

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Suggestion to where I can buy a similar scarf? Haven't had much luck finding anything myself.
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What would the closest modern color of this levis jacket be on there site?


just buy the one you personally like


you aren't ryan gosling

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I'm in my mid 20s and want to move away from sneakers as a casual shoe in the spring and fall. I'm looking at chukkas, though I'm open to other styles. What's the best colour of shoes for blue denim and a black leather jacket? I love the rich shades of brown that chukkas come in, but I don't they'd be a natural fit with the black jacket.

I generally wear black shoes or white sneakers with a black leather jacket
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I'm trying out different brogues styles, and although these shoes fit me width wise, I'm wondering if they are too long?


Cheers for your help!



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@Kensington Try a wet-wipe.  

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Being in a professional field for around 8 years, and only now being in my early 30's have I found an appreciation for a nice suit. I've been lurking here and have many of my questions answered this way, but I figured I register so I can be a a little more specific so here I am. I purchased two Brooks Brothers 1818 Milano suits in Navy and Grey (First link below).  I managed to pick them both up for around $500 after all discounts, they feel like a quality suit but even being their thinnest cut they feel a little too big especially the width of the pants towards the bottoms.  I'm 5'10" and about 160lbs for reference.  I'd like to find a trimmer more modern look.  I've read a lot on Boss Selection vs RLBL and seen most question the quality of Boss.  I would lean towards RLBL although I feel like you're paying a lot for the name.  Budget would be up to $2k/suit but it's no rush so I'd probably wait for a sale. Since I already have two solid suits would a charcoal with a very subtle pinstripe be appropriate?  And what other brands might I want to consider?


Also with the two suits I currently have I purchased the below shirts (first link in blue and grey), and third link in solid gray.  Would the Navy suit on the blue shirt and a red designed tie work?  I feel like the Grey suit with either of the grey shirts is a little much and if not what tie would you match with it?  The shirts feel fantastic, but I have to say even the extra slim fit cut seems a little bulky. Suggestions on other good quality, trim cut dress shirts?








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Try buying it from online I think some online store located from Malaysia and Singapore had it for a very cheap prices.

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 Try a wet-wipe.  
Thanks for the tip but it didn't work. frown.gif
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How long are your feet?
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Who makes good budget grey slim cut jeans?
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Originally Posted by dan138zig View Post

Who makes good budget grey slim cut jeans?

Define 'budget'.

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Are the shirts returnable? They are over-priced and look cheap
and trendy. Go for solid colors (not purple) and conservative
stripes and checks. Don't worry too much whether they are slim enough.
Shirts are easily and relatively inexpensive to alter.

Here are some suggestions:

( do not refund, only store credit for returns)




The last two British vendors have very aggressive reductions twice/year which have just ended
a few weeks ago. Around June the sales begin again.
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