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Would these look weird with black jeans (not tucked in or cuffed)






Thank you

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New business casual wardrobe. Need to buy 2 pair of brown shoes (no intention of wearing black shoes/coats to keep costs down). I was thinking one dark brown and one medium brown. I wear dress pants and button shirts. Suit/Tie twice per year. I have a budget of $500 for 2 pairs of shoes. for each shoe.Any recommendations?
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Trout those would look great
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Where can I get a Visvim 20L by proxy in Japan? Can't find any in black in stock anywhere.
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Looking for a medium-heavy wool scarf, preferably navy or purple, something my girlfriend could wear :embar: Any recommendations apart from SNS?

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So... Schneider?
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Is there a thread where i can state what i'm looking for to see if anyone is selling? I can't seem to find one at the moment, but I'm pretty sure there is one.

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trout what those boots? lol that is wolverine 1000 mile in black.
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I heard they run large so I'm on the lookout for some size 7 (or whatever fits a size 7 foot) shoe wear. I'm just trying to see what's available, I'm not looking to buy something right this second per se. They don't have to be boots either. 

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7? that is going to be super tight man i know i've tried on 7-8.5 don't ask why smile.gif
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Well those Wolverines are a 7 but probably fit like a 7.5-8. At least that's what I heard
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Anyone know what brand it is on this jacket or maybe know a similar one in a diffrent brand? Please share :)

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I am debating between these two gray sweatshirts:


24 oz. Sweatshirt by Taylor Stitch





16 oz. Raglan Sweatshirt by Best Made Co

(There's an option for blank sweatshirt, so without the red X)


Any help would be appreciated!

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I have a dilemma regarding travelling and clothing.


I will be flying from Australia to the US in December to buy a US Navy Peacoat as well as a lot of shirts+pants+shoes. I plan to wear my blazer on the plane. Problem is I'll be coming back with both a blazer and peacoat. I really don't want to pack the blazer or peacoat because I only have one carry-on luggage; they're quite bulky and so won't fit with all my other clothes. 


I have some ideas:


1. Wear blazer to US. Wear blazer+peacoat back to Australia

This will be fine when I leave US since it'll be freezing there but when I come back to Australia I might suffer from heat exhaustion since it'll be 32+ degrees Celsius (90+ Fahrenheit). I could take the peacoat off and hold it but it's going to be a hassle. 


2. Ditch blazer and wear sweater to US. Wear peacoat back to Australia

This will solve the blazer issue. Problem is when I get to US I will be freezing with just a sweater alone. I might stack on another sweater but not sure if this will be warmer than a single blazer. However, my blazer is made of polyester so I guess it won't be that warm. Also I don't get to wear my navy blazer to nice places and get better service on the plane/hotel.


What should I do? 

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acinod wear the sweater but have a heattech or thermal under it. also wear some long johns. you can pack the long johns/thermal in your luggage on the way back they are light.
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