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that new balance is in the same category as the tigers i also owned those. word of caution they are very narrow so if you have wide feet be prepared to have the shoe stretch to pointy toe status. go with the julien guy's recommendation on the free's i don't run but i have owned both sneakers you have asked about so far.
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The frees look like something I can only run in. I'm really hoping to find something I can jog, lift weights, shoot around and on occasion just chill in. 


Last stupid idea here: the Saucony Trainer 80s



Apparently they have tons of cushion/support. What would be bad about these?


FWIW I've been jogging/working out in a flat-soled pair of Etnies for the last year so anything I do is going to be a huge upgrade regardless.    ;-)

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those look okay but depending on the rest of your fits be prepared people might try to label you as a hipster.... j/p
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I won't be wearing them with an ironic beard and PBR shirt. 

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Any of you lot have a clue what this is?

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New to the forum. Is there a place where I can get Alden Indy boots for less than retail? I live in the US if that's of any significance. Thank you.

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I'm having a hell of a time finding a plaid shirt similar to this color

Or Rick's from Walking Dead while I'm thinking about it:

Any help?
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Jerry needsupply has 10% off
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Guys I'm looking for a duffle cardigan like this but can't seem to find it.
Does anyone know where it's from, or know something similar?

Much appreciated.
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Any suggestions for a sneaker ($200 or less) to wear with shorts or jeans? Again, I had some cheap suede Etnies before that I liked the style of, but just ran into the ground. 

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Are you trying to punk me or are we just inadvertently blowing each others minds? 
I'm the guy that can't stand legitimate running shoes. 
Thanks, though. They don't look bad. 
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Originally Posted by yessur View Post

Thoughts on this Jacket's fit?


Just bought this Club Monaco varsity: 


I'm 6ft2" and chest size 40 but i went with the large which is supposedly chest size 41-42. Its very slightly roomy around the chest. A tad short considering my height?





Sorry for spamming but thoughts on the length?

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if it was lower than $100 i wouldn't mind how it looked like that but for $450 you might want the length a bit longer on yourself. a lot of brands have been making varsity jackets in that colorway wait/shop around for something that is better.
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I'm looking for a heavy wool, 3/4-length peacoat in charcoal wool herringbone. Anyone know where I can find one?

I finally grew out of the H&M one I've been wearing for about four years.
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