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What do you guys think of this look?

I have black v-neck under my cardigan and I am wearing grey suede shoes.
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i think the angle combined with the mirror hanging on the wall is making it look worse than it seems. if the colors went together better it probably would look better.
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I just need a good outfit that goes with the blue jeans.  Any suggestions? :)

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look at waywt to try to get some idea's.
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Anyone know where to find alpha industries ma-1 reissue in stock?
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would it be tacky to alter that so that i could use a lanyard with it?

also, where can i get a decent plain black hoodie?

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Where can I find clear or tortoiseshell color Gregory Peck glasses that look like this for under $50?


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Can a cobbler cut this type of belt? This belt is a tad too long and I would like to trim it down. Thanks

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you used to be able to get a good leather bifold with the modification for a lanyard easily from corter or hollows but i don't see it available from them anymore. now i only see it for workman style wallets. if you just want a black hoody to lounge around in and not fit super baggy uniqlo should be okay.
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What kind of shoes are these???? So first off sorry that i couldn't find a picture of them. So these shoes he is wearing in this music video. If you pause at about 0:40, 0:57 ,1:42, and 2:12 you can get a good look at them. I have trying to find these for about 2 days and cant find the name of them, or anything! So help me out please? (:

^theres the link to the video.

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I need a pair of dress shoes. Does anyone know anything I could find like this ~$100?

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watch ebay allen edmonds park avenue for a used pair but you should only hope to get really lucky or well used pair if your budget is ~$100. your 2nd option which you would have a better chance at is trying to get a allen edmonds seconds park avenue the brooks brother version which is basically the same thing for $160 or so i forget but it wasn't over $190 but they go pretty fast.

i forgot to add to get the lists for seconds you have to e-mail and ask for what size you are looking for.
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OK, so I do have a bigger butt than most. Definitely cannot rock skinny jeans or even regular slim fit because of how the jeans fit around my ass which I don't like. I bought these wings + horns bleached out slim fit jeans a while ago which to be honest fit me better (i think) than any I have ever tried on. Idk if that brand is popular at all over here, but they make the top block of the jeans roomy (once again i THINK?). So from the knee down it's I guess fitted but from there and up it fits my butt much better than any other jeans would.
Any advice? Brands I should check out? I think this really limits me.

Also, does anyone know if all wings + horns pants/jeans have the roomy top block?
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