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It sounds fine. Lace it up tight and it shouldn't slip. You can try adding an insole to the boots or wear thicker socks.
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Yeah I was just running in it with no problem. I guess all I'm worried about is it isn't really a "tight" fit since I see all this talk about breaking in boots

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Hey guys, having a problem.


Going to buy some new jeans online and I prefer the slim/straight jeans. I'm 5'10 150lbs, most people say I'm a slim/skinny build but think I'm average. 


I've been wearing 31x32 for the past 2 years, but now my jeans which consist of 508 Levis and other Slim/Straight jeans are getting a bit tight. A bit around my calf and butt region. I'm debating whether to get 32x32 or even 33x32 because some slim/straight cuts are actually skinny. 


For these jeans:

Altamont The Whilshire Staple
Comune The Lindon Jeans

Should I go for the 32x32 or 33x32? I read some reviews that the jeans may feel a bit tight which is why I'm debating to go up to 33. Thanks in advance.

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anyone know a site where they can compare brands and other retailers really quickly?


only one I know of is www.mpashop.com but it is not exactly meant for that.

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Originally Posted by barrettdudley View Post


Boom, done.  You won't find a 30 inch length anywhere else, I'm almost positive.
Would be money, except for my rather large thighs from working out :/
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Do the Japanese APC stores participate in the butler program?
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Where can I purchase a Navy Blazer fully canvassed?


What four colors in dress slacks should I purchase?  What brand(s) are the best?

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You didn't post a budget.
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$500 to $600 for the Blazer


Trouser $150

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Would just go with forum affiliate Epaulet in that price range. That's where a majority of my work clothes come from. Probably mid gray / charcoal / navy / something brown toned.

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Looking for good dress shirts that I can buy online in 3's or 4's for a fair price. 

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What do people here think of "Freewheelers & Co", Japan made. I don't remember reading any reference to it or seeing it much. Is it legit? (Esp the ones with the extra trim by their pockets)

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Is there a limit to how much a tailor can take in the bottom of a jacket? I need probably 5 inches taken in around the waist and then maybe 3 or so out of the chest. If this would be better served in the tailors thread I can move it over there. Thought this could be a simple answer.
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I would just abandon that particular jacket and cut my losses.
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Anyone has experience with Mismo?

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