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Originally Posted by elisiX View Post

However sold out.

Very close but I don't think that's it.


Summer/Spring is coming so I'm planning on getting some shorts when I'm in NYC next month. I'm looking at maybe a $50 maximum budget per pair. Any recommendations?


EDIT: Looked at shorts online. Have they always been so expensive?! I always thought shorts would be cheap.

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So I bought some PBJ XX-012's but they don't fit, way too much taper from thigh to knee. After speaking with Gordon at BiG I've narrowed it down to 2 choices the PBJ 007's in a SZ 30 or the momotaro 702's in a SZ 30. my measurements are waist 32" thigh 11" knee 8" leg opening 7.25" can someone help me decide which one I should get?

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If I wear a 10.5 in Jack Purcells, what size would I get for Common Projects?

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Originally Posted by Muri View Post

Very close but I don't think that's it.


I just email'd P. Ervell about my issue. There has to be an answer!

Just to spot the main difference: on the one I was looking for are buttons used, on the P.E. are snaps used.

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Is this a bomber jacket?:


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as its listed as a dark brown leather bomber jacket, but i thought bomber jackets didnt have a collar?

What color and type of footwear would you wea with this dark brown jacket?


i understand you should never match black and brown when they're close together as they don't go well together, but does that apply if your wearing a black leather jacket with dark brown chukka boots/boat shoes?


besides bomber style leather jackets, what other styles of leather jackets are suitable for a 27 y/o wearing denim jeans, stone/gray/navy/khaki chinos wih caual shirts



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Bomber jacket is a vague term. This qualifies.


Keep browns with browns (different shades) and black/white/grey with black. This isn't a hard and fast rule, but it's the easier, safer route.


Please don't wear (a leather jacket with) boat shoes.

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Mixing brown and black isnt a big deal imo for casual wear. Brown leather with black boots looks great
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Originally Posted by hoodyear View Post

Please don't wear boat shoes.

ftfy ^^

adamt, why is it so hard going to effortless gent and read the stuff there?
it will help you far more than using this forum for asking every stupid question you have
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Originally Posted by ipractice View Post

Mixing brown and black isnt a big deal imo for casual wear. Brown leather with black boots looks great

Can look great; can look awful. Then again, so can brown and brown so...point taken.

Originally Posted by kindofyoung View Post

ftfy ^^

nod[1].gif Hence the parentheses

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I made my first bespoke purchase and received the order few weeks ago (some shirts).


They fit pretty well and I'm more or less happy with how they came out BUT the sleeves are pretty baggy.


When I had my initial measuring, I asked for slim fitting sleeves. I'm 180cm (6ft) tall and weigh 67kg (148lb) so I'm a reasonably slim person and looser, baggy sleeves tend to look ridiculous on me.


I know I can't change certain things about the shirts because I asked for it to be made that way (e.g. the length of the shirt - in hindsight they're a bit on the short side).


But in this case, the fit of the sleeves was determined purely by the tailor and by the guy measuring me.


I must have overlooked the bagginess upon trying the shirts when I collected them but wearing them for a couple of weeks, it really became noticeable. When I rang to ask if they could slim the sleeves, they quoted me $100/hr and said that each shirt would likely take about an hour. They then "generously" offered me a 30% discount because I mentioned that they were the ones who made the shirts.


I really don't know what to expect from bespoke tailoring I thought the idea was that one goes to a bespoke tailor in order to get clothes that fit really well... Am I justified in being a little disappointed that they're not offering to do the alterations for free?


Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

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Hi guys, I was wondering if this duffle coat is too big for me. I think it fits well in the shoulders and chest but a bit baggy everywhere else. Actually if I sized down the top toggle would be hard to use, and I want to in the colder days. I know the sleeves are a bit long but I can fix that.

Here I'm wearing a simple jumper and a tee under the coat. Please excuse the crappy pics and my pajama.

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Looks fine; they're traditionally cut a little larger to allow for layering.




Originally Posted by DesmondD View Post

Bespoke rant



The sleeves most likely fit the way they do because it's the house cut, which is what you find in a lot of bespoke clothiers.  They should have shown you some samples or something before you started the process and discussed this with you.  They tend to make measurements and add a certain amount of material (say, a predetermined number of inches on the sleeves) for everyone.  This most likely looks good on a lot of people of normal weight, but you're incredibly slim and understandably, not normal sized.  This concept is a little weird considering it's "bespoke" and supposed to produce perfect fitting shirts, but it's probably perfect fitting according to their aesthetic, which is what they're there to do, not make whatever the customer wants.


I think this should have been rectified upon picking the shirts up (which these guys probably do), but you waited a fair amount of time (and probably washed them) and then brought it back.  It's totally fair for them to charge you to fix this, though the price is a little steep.  Any semi-skilled tailor should be able to slim sleeves for like, $20 a shirt.

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what's the best way to clean cps? I have the vintage Achilles low in green/white (leather). they're pretty beat up, bought second hand, so I'd just like to know an efficient way to get some of the dirt off of the white leather.
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I just use water and paper towels... Gets rid of most of the dirt on my white cps. Occasionally an old toothbrush if I really have to scrub, and toothpaste to get any indigo or other unusual stains off.
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