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Originally Posted by K2793 View Post

Can someone recommend any alternatives that look similar to either of these belts for <$100? Really like the simplicity and buckles but can't shell out $200 right now. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Equus leathers?
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what are some great menswear shops in NYC?  suggestions similar to Steven Alan and Saturday's NYC would be appreciated.


Looking for skinny jeans and chinos, assorted tops, shoes/sneakers, accessories, etc.



Also, does anybody have one of those miansai hook bracelets? Do they come off as feminine?

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Originally Posted by adamt View Post

as iin the past i would just wear different shades of blue denim,. im fairly new to wearing troyuers instead,
but sll i ever read is chinos/chinos and chinos.... is there not another 'type' of trouser to wear with boat shoes/chukka boots/casual shirt/cardigan?

im from England too, are oxford cloth button down shirts called something else here? same with chambray shirts (only light blue and white ones)... i cant seem to find many so assume theyre called something else

what do uyou think of this blue chambary shirt:


any opinions of these boots for casual/smart wear on a 26 y/o?:


can brown boots like these be worn with navy or dark gray chinos?

The problem with those boots is that, with that sole, they are in that awful trainer/show hybrid area. Get a proper pair of dbs from somewhere like Clarks or a proper pair f chukkas from somewhere like Alden. H Hudson also does nice, slim chukkas at a much lower price-point.

You can get oxfords literally anywhere. Uniqlo makes them in every colour of the rainbow every season. Off the high street, check out the Americana retailers like BB, Gant or RL.
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All American Clothing Co., thoughts?

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Are these Buttero Sandals really only for women? thinking of ordering a pair, I like the look but fear the sole might be too slim.
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Anyone have any experience with the Left Field Shop Coat? Caught my eye as I was browsing some of their other stuff, and I was thinking about picking it up as a spring jacket. Thoughts on how it fits, how it looks, how the heck to wear it?
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Thank you for the Equus recommendation, I am leaning towards ordering a belt with them. Just curious, anyone who has dealt with Unlucky in having a belt made, is he still in business or not anymore? I saw some of his work and would love to have a belt made by him if prices are pretty reasonable, but all the threads I saw were from 2011.

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Originally Posted by canstyleace View Post

Some walnut daltons or some chukka boots.

Thanks! I found this pic on the AE thread. I definitely found my newest obsession.


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Originally Posted by K2793 View Post

Thank you for the Equus recommendation, I am leaning towards ordering a belt with them.

Might also check out Narragansett. MTO belts for around fifty bucks shipped, great leather, simple stylish buckles.

Question: My 15-year-old LL Bean field jacket finally died. I'm 6'2"/160 with monkey arms. Does anybody make a decent canvas jacket in small tall for less than $365? I like that Filson, but I'd prefer something in navy that I can afford to buy before it gets warm again.
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thanks lineate,

Besides White and Blue oxford shirts what other versatile colours are there?  for casual wear with chinos/jeans and chukka boots/boat shoes?



is this white 'deisel' shirt i have classed as an oxford shirt:

it just says 100% Cotton on the label






when i asked someone they said

" It looks like one. You can tell if it is because it would have a thicker, slightly coarser, pinpoint cloth. 

Nowadays you can get Oxford shirts made from a cotton/polyester blend too and you're right not all have the button-down collar.

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I found a decent pair of Church's chukkas on ebay Here for $150 + shipping.   Feel free to tell me if I overpaid for them.  Back in college, I yearned for a pair of Banana Republic square toe angle boots - by square toe, BR meant they were pretty clunky, too.  After pining after them for 2 years, I finally paid $120 for them.  Now, more than a decade later, I am a bit wiser and was in need of something to replace that old trustworthy pair.  I mean, they really lasted - there's a small hole in the bottom of the heel to both of them where gravel likes to hide, but that's really the only issue. 


So yeah... I found the chukkas and bought them.  I figured, even at $150+ used, I can get another 10 years out of them. They are sleeker and I think they look pretty nice.  I have 2 quick questions:


  • Is there a way to rehabilitate the creases?  It looks like maybe the boots were a little loose on the previous owner.
  • I gave the boots a drink of Allen Edmonds leather conditioner/cleaner.  The leather was thirsty and now that it's fully saturated, is a lot darker than before.  Will it eventually get lighter (it's been a couple of weeks) or should I just get over it?



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Lookin for

1) Side zips that fit a true us10.5-11 UK44
2) Wedge/creeper style shoes

Both in black that would play nicely with more formal and more casual fits. Can theoretically spend up to 250


Dark grey cardigan in Large. Warm but not too heavy weight. Something like the Kolor cardigan someone purchased a little while back. 150-200 if its really awesome

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Can anyone recommand me a leather polish creme in black that can restore colour to leather jackets?


Much appreciated

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