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Originally Posted by Benesyed View Post

Got a new haircut, decided to try something different. Also thinking about getting the left side shortened a little bit more. Thoughts?
I like it ben, I think the sides are fine
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What do you think of these Buttero sneakers? I wanted to get a pair of casual brown suede sneakers and ended up with these.


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Originally Posted by htrieu View Post

Looking for a beanie, under $40. Preferably a neutral color that I can rock with anything. Recommendations?

Everlane's cashmere beanies are nice and cost $40. If I remember correctly, you only get free shipping for orders over $50 so it might make sense to buy a shirt while you're at it.

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^ Agree. Looks good Benesyed.
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Anybody know how Walter Van Beirendonck shirts fit? Not sure if I should order M or L.

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So, what are my options if I don't care about fades on selvedge denim? Like at all? Meh, wanting to fade a jean to show character smacks to me of the same authenticity as buying pre-distressed jeans. I guess it's not as bad, given that you "earned" your distressing, but whatever; I don't want my jeans to tell a story about my life, I just want them to freaking pair with what I'm wearing at the time.

I mean, browsing through denim blogs I'm finding that I like the before photos of Naked & Famous jeans a lot more than the after. If they have to fade, I'd prefer that they do so over a long, long period -- like forever. Right now I'm loving the washes of Levi 513s that I have -- though pretty often I feel like they will rip on me -- so I would like to get the same colorways probably, and washes like a few of N&F's more awesome colorways, in the weight, or even heavier, of my Uniqlo of MiJs. Is this a weird viewpoint, or has something like this ever been discussed?
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I think that if you just wash them more often/normally, they won't fade as noticeably? Even Levis fade eventually. I'd like to hear other opinions about this too.

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Where can I get some slim-fitting corduroy shirts below $50?

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Looking for slim fitting blazers / sportscoats available in the UK. Looking for two actually, so could anyone recommend a couple of brands for cheaper blazers, then also for a more up-market one?

Uniqlo don't have any on their site at the moment, but not sure if they have any in their London store. What is the quality of those like?
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YES PLEASE HELP! ive been searching for these since that commercial dropped

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What's the sizing like of MMM shoes compared to CPs? One up? Also, does anyone know how the sizing of APC Petit Standard cords is similar or different to Petit Standard denim? I would assume that you would size up from your denim size because the corduroy won't stretch as much, but I'd love a definitive answer.

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Another Buttero question. Are the tanino naturale something released every season? Anyone know of a webshop that has them?
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Any thoughts on these -


States full-grain leather upper, Made in Portugal etc. Can't tell whether that's a glued sole or a leather welt myself - maybe someone with more experience could help me?


I know Gordon Rush is not so trusted around here - as a note not chipping in $175 but rather $125

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Question: Spring pant staples for hot weather? What kind of pants? Materials? Fits? Brands? I'm a young academic. To give you an idea of my style, I like Woolrich Woolen Mills, Opening Ceremony, Nudie, Marni, Allessandrini, Alexandre Mattiussi, Michael Bastian, Gant Rugger, LVC, Vince, Quoddy. I'm looking to buy a few pairs of comfortable and stylish pants for work here in the business school. Most of my shirts are button up, many of those button-down.
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Pretty sure its taboo to wear sperries with socks,

but can anyone recommend me some?

I don't like wearing sperries barefoot 

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