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Originally Posted by JasSingh View Post

This peacoat was on Hautelook yesterday and ended today. I didn't noticed until I came home and saw a sign on the website saying it ended =[

Does anyone know where to get this peacoat or one that is verrryyyyy similar to it? I usually don't like peacoats but this one hit the spot, unfortunately it got away.


That isn't a peacoat it looks like a wool m65 jacket. Shades of Grey releases one almost every year I think.
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Originally Posted by Timbaland View Post

RL black label is good quality and $100 is a pretty good price as I believe retail starts at around 300 . Only get it if you like the shirt and the fit though. Don't buy it just because it is a good brand because you probably wouldn't wear it much.

It's super comfortable! However it is a grey almost wool like look to it. I am not sure how I would wear it
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Grey should pair well with a lot of stuff well. It may also depend on the shade. You can wear it with black jeans, blue jeans, khaki jacket, etc. If you are not sure on how to wear it though maybe you shouldn't get it.
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Thanks! I find myself in between a large and medium on everything. A large in RL isn't a fitted look for me but a medium is. However, if a medium shrinks any at all it will be to small. What do you do in my dilemma. Do you buy a large and wash it and toss it in the dryer hoping for a little shrinkage and a good fit or go with the medium and just always hang it to dry?
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Awesome, thanks Timbaland!

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Has anyone ever ordered from

Do they sale real RL stuff?
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Can anyone ID this jacket?






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Just saw Django Unchained and now I want a jacket like this. Any suggestions? 

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Which cloth do you think is a better value for my bespoke suit in midnight blue? They are only USD 40 apart. First photo is from Dormeuil, then H&S (the folded swatch), and finally VBC.

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Re that Django jacket: you probably want to look into brands like RRL.

Re suit: is this your only suit? It's not really a value question you're asking.
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This will be my only bespoke suit for at least another year. I will probably wear it bi-weekly only. I have 2 other rtw, but ill-fitting, suits in black. I'm in a bit of a rush to get the suit out and haven't had time to read up in depth on fabrics. Just wondering if there was a general consensus which mill was better.
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Hi all,


Got this cardigan as a Christmas gift:


Since I'm really lousy at fashion I just wanted to ask what would an appropriate color be for a T-Shirt with this cardigan?

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They're all good options from my previous limited research. If they're comparably priced and similar weight, just go with whichever you prefer. Someone who frequents MC more often might have a more detailed answer for you.
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Best cheap vintage style short sleeve slub henley? (Watched Drive again recently)
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Skinny guy, looking for brands that will fit please!

I'm 5ft9, 10 stone (140 pounds) and struggle to find anything that fits.

I'm a 14.5" neck, not too sure on the rest ;D

Please could someone recommend some brands for me (must be available in the UK)?

Hoping someone has been in the same boat and has found a solution!
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