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Sadly this happened the week I was in Seattle visiting with my wife's family. Sending something their way. I grant you and their families peace.
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Horrible and senseless. I've sent a donation.
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Sorry to hear about your loss, J. Don't spend much time in that side of town myself, but that was an unpleasant period for everyone

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sad to hear j. such a tragedy.
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Originally Posted by acidboy View Post

sad to hear j. such a tragedy.

My sympathy goes out to the friends and families of the victims. Such senseless violence...What angers me is the perpetrator shot and killed himself in an act of cowardice.

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God bless them..
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Did I see last night that there was a banner for the donation website? I ask because I can not find it now but I think it would be a good idea to leave it up. Making a donation now.
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Originally Posted by j View Post

Hi all. After a few weeks of hanging out here more and trying to make myself poast again, I've been away for the last week or so..

Please tell your loved ones you love them, because you don't know how quickly they might be gone. Love to you all, 


I am very sorry for your loss J and that this hit so close to home for you, both literally and figuratively. One of the victims was an urban planner so even though I never knew him, I definitely could feel a kinship. A donation has been made.
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Prayers and blessings in peace, J. Chipped in.
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Just saw this after being away for a few days. Very sorry J.
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I heard nothing about this event until J made us aware of it, so I read up on this guy.

Nauseatingly horrible and senseless. My hopes go towards J and all those left behind to have some sort of relief for all of your pain.
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I'm really sorry to hear about that. I had no idea that had even happened.


If you wanted to give it a try, posting on Reddit is often a great way to raise money after incidents like this. You could simply post the exact same post about the shooting you did here, but place it in Reddit's AskReddit section or a similar subreddit.


Best of luck with the fundraising!

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Originally Posted by j View Post

Hi all. After a few weeks of hanging out here more and trying to make myself poast again, I've been away for the last week or so. 

You may have heard about the shooting rampage in Seattle in a cafe. That cafe is my home away from home, and those were my friends who got killed and wounded. Though I wasn't super close with any of them, I have hung out at their houses, they at mine, gone camping with them, watched them play music, and had plenty of long talks and laughs together. They were closer to me than much of my family. I didn't know the woman in the cafe (or the lady downtown) but the three men who died and the one who survived were/are all amazing, talented and sweet people. Any of them would literally have given you the shirt off their back and I am not just saying that. There are plenty of assholes around who could have gotten shot, but this psycho picked some of the best.

I and my girlfriend are dealing with it relatively well, considering the circumstances; trying to be there for our friends who are not doing well, some really not well. However, there are two surviving spouses and lots of surviving close friends whose lives are completely shattered. Some of them have been worrying about money for long before this happened and now they are really worried about just how to make rent and pay the bills until they can get their lives in some kind of order.

This is hard for me to write about and hard to ask, but if anyone feels like they can donate a little to the family and friends of the victims and the survivors who are trying to keep their lives together right now, there is a fund set up: http://victimsofcaferacershooting.chipin.com/victims-of-cafe-racer-shooting All of the money will go to the victims' families and (possibly) to help with the costs of repairing the Cafe, which is a home to so many people, who are now all wandering around with big pieces of their lives missing. I would really appreciate it, if any of you has a bit of money to spare right now, if you could consider putting it toward this. It's extremely personal to me, and I would feel a lot better if I could indirectly help out by telling everyone here.

Here is a well written piece on the situation: http://slog.thestranger.com/slog/archives/2012/06/02/an-open-letter-from-the-cafe-racer-staff

I will try to be back to the site as soon as I can, but right now I'm trying to avoid the internet and news sites, and to be with friends as much as possible.

Please tell your loved ones you love them, because you don't know how quickly they might be gone. Love to you all, 


Terrible. I just made a donation myself, figured I'd post here and bump this back to the top for anyone that may have missed it.
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Reported that vinasellercc, but the threads are still up, do they no longer get hidden if they're threads?

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I don't want to be a spoil sport especially considering I've started some risqué thread titles myself but "I told kwilk to cum on my back" and the thread about the "cunty neighbor" are starting to push the needle a little too far IMO.

(to clarify I'm talking specifically about the thread titles where swearing has always been prohibited. Cunty surely applies and cumming on backs would seem to violate the spirit anyways. Once you click in you're getting what you asked for - I have no issue with the content within. That is, I don't think so as I have t really read eitehr thread.)
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