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Thank you. Every bit helps.

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Originally Posted by Douglas View Post

Fuck, J, that's awful. I'm very sorry for your loss. Small donation made.

This. Also, may the coming time hold some great remeniscing.
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j, that is just horrible. i am so sorry to hear that. my best wishes to all the victims, their families and friends.

to those who survived, i hope they have a quick and complete recovery.
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There has been a lot of good/painful reminiscing already. Two of the dead were real showmen and have hundreds of friends who are good at putting on a show no matter what. And the cafe community reaches far and wide so there has been a lot of support.


I just heard that Len, the only one who survived being shot, was moved out of the ICU and is able to stand and talk. He is very depressed and has all kinds of screws in his jaw and missing teeth. It will be a long road, but he has a lot of people looking out for him. And he's a badass to begin with - he made two phone calls after being shot in the jaw (!)

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I wish you and yours strength and peace, j.
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I'm sorry to hear this j, and wish you all a speedy recovery.
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Sorry to hear this news. I'll kick something in tonight.
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thanks all.

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sorry for your loss, I hope that everyone has a speedy recovery. I'll visit the site later today
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Thanks Zach. Some speedier than others.

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Ouch, sorry to hear that tragedy struck so close to home. Be well.
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I'm very sorry to hear that, j. I hope things get better for you and the community.
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That's terrible. So sorry J.
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Sad to hear j.

The woman who was killed downtown turned out to be a friend of my wife's best friend.
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Just awful, J. Something similar happened in my town a few years back. I wasn't close to anyone involved, but I knew people who were. I remember it being a strange time for the community. I hope you, your friends, and the community are all able to find peace and recovery. I chipped in a bit, as well. I hope it helps somehow.
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