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Is the website loading slowly for anybody else? I'm using Chrome on Yosemite and in the last couple days pages load slowly and I can't immediately scroll. 

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I just changed over to Yosemite and I use chrome, and Im slow as molasses, but not just SF, and not just internet. Everything. I think my old MacBook is too weak for the upgrade. Idk, that what people are telling me anyways, and I probably have way to much garbage on my computer that needs to be gotten rid of or clouded.
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For me, this is only a problem on SF. 

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Well, that sucks.

I have no idea why that is. Sorry. : (
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What's weird is that it happens at work and at home. Maybe it's a plugin...

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I'm just curious...are mods/DHs/HMs able to read the "comments" section when we flag stuff? I will sometimes note things that I feel are suspicious and explain why, but wasn't sure whether people could/would actually read my reasoning.

@in stitches, @Claghorn, @et. al.
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Yes. We can see the comments. Well, I don't know if non-mods, like DH, can, but mods definitely see them. They're not always helpful, but they frequently are, especially if I have to make a judgment call in a forum I don't know particularly well.
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