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^ I don't visit DT that often, but after browsing there the last couple of days, I have a sense that people start a thread there just to see how popular the thread or the poster can get -> thus, a lot of way-over-the-line threads like this since they attract attention.
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in an onliney kind of sense, I think over the years I have gotten to know all the mods pretty well. In an offliney kind of sense, I've hung out with Brian. We got along great. None of us are humorless fun police. None. We are all basically...well...boys. The various dudes who have passed through Vietnam and hung with me, and the various other dudes I have hung with on my own travels around the world, will pretty much attest to the fact that I have a very irreverent sense of humor, and a perfectly in tact sense of fun. I think that is true of all my fellow mods. But some things are just beyond the fucking pale. It is very very rare that anything that happens here actually riles any of the mods. we've seen it all before. This one riled two of us. Like riled riled. Not annoyed. Actually angered. Seriously, it is not that hard to get along... Here, I'll tell you how to do it. Before you post a thread, stick yourself in the bar position. "If I was sitting at a bar with these boys, would I say this?" "Dude who would you rather bone, Anne Hathaway or Estelle Getty?"...fine...boys will laugh. "So are you glad your mother died cos now you don't have to drive her to the supermarket?"...not fine...boys will hit you with bottles. See how easy that is to work out? If you have any doubt whatsoever about whether that is fine. Don't post it. Really. Are we going to have to rain fire upon you guys from the control booth? Is it that hard? Ahh fuck it, I'm going to sleep. Thanks SF. You actually managed to anger me tonight.
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^ I like the comparison to that of a bar scene and think that things are handled here just fine. Squirelling that thread was good as it angered myself as well when I saw it. DT is DT, but that crossed the line big time.
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Originally Posted by Matt View Post
squirreled the miscarriage thread because 1. he spelled celebrate wrong, proving that he is a moron and 2. that's just fucked up. Really.

Lately I have really been wondering what is wrong with people here. I seriously don't get it. If the OP wants to call my friend Sharon, who miscarried a year ago, and cried for fucking months about it, and ask her if it is cause for celebration, then I will concede he has manned up, and he can have his thread back.

Are your offline balls that big? We've always said this place is a bar. Would you ask her across the table? Her big Texan husband Adam beside her?

Otherwise, really that what it's come to for you?


Wow. Was that in DT? I'm glad I missed it. Even DT should have standards, and I'm glad you guys agree.
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Look at this thread's title in MC:
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Is the SF clock for anyone else about 15 minutes slow? Edit: Made this post at 1:02 and it says 12:47
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Originally Posted by voxsartoria View Post
He really loves this place, much like you.

- B

Wait, he loves me? Or I love this place? You really need to be more precise with your antecedents.
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Originally Posted by BDC2823 View Post
Is the SF clock for anyone else about 15 minutes slow?

Edit: Made this post at 1:02 and it says 12:47

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Originally Posted by Matt View Post
None of us are humorless fun police. None.
Can we have all the mod's titles changed to Humourless Fun Police. Thanks.
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Yo mods what THE FUCK were you thinking? Moving pink tie into DT? Seriously? That's ****ed up.

What is the $ figure I would need to donate to have it in its rightful place of B&S?

PS: I love you guys.
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For what it's worth I'm sorry for your loss LA Guy.
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Please DT my Nosu/Dolphin thread.

The more I think about it, the more I realize I should have put it there to begin with.

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Fast response!

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Ugg boots for sale*

*I heard all the big stars wear them!
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Originally Posted by CDFS View Post
Ugg boots for sale* *I heard all the big stars wear them!
there is no charge for awesomeness
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...and yes, I know I am not supposed to be quoting spam, but the links are gone, and how can you not appreciate the brilliance of it all. There's a Forrest Gump reference FFS!
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