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Originally Posted by itsstillmatt View Post

For 70 years we have told people in their working ages that they are fulfilling their duties to their elders by paying a certain kind of tax. If anything, we have continued to reinforce this message by pandering to the older demographic through other programs simply because they vote more, which identifies them as a group with excess power. [B]Those two together have destroyed the traditional societal mandate to take care of your own elders. We tell people they have already done it, or even that somebody else is doing it, and that the elderly are powerful enough to get what they want without help.[/B]

Well in my family, the elderly are powerful enough to command whatever the fuck they want.  Until she died a couple of years ago, my grandmother had the final say in [B]everything[/B]. and now my father does.  That's not just immediate family either.  That's the entire clan that share a surname.


Sorry about the bugs in the update.  Most issues should be resolved now.

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Originally Posted by LA Guy View Post

Sorry about the bugs in the update.  Most issues should be resolved now.
Except the BBcode. tongue.gif
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Not resolved for me frown.gif Looks like it's trying to squish it down to mobile size.
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Not every thread, but some (like WAYWT) are jacked:

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^^ same here. so sad. ^^
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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

much same. very sad. so tiny. wow.
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Originally Posted by b1os View Post

Except the BBcode. tongue.gif

That's because I keep forgetting that I'm using the rich text editor.  I'm old school.

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Originally Posted by Claghorn View Post

When my dad dies, my mom will move in with my wife and I. My grandmother recently moved in with my aunt and uncle; there was a bit of a scramble to see whom she moved in with as all three of her daughters wanted her (her son-in-laws as well, one of whom she's known since he was in high school). Mrs. C is excited about the prospect my mom living with us (though that's a good two decades away). I hope that when the time comes for one of us to move in with our children, they are equally excited.

This whole idea of aging parents as a burden is a bit weird to me. I understand where it's coming from, but I think it may largely be limited to WASP America. My mom's side of the family is Mexican (and everyone loves Mexican grandmas). My wife is Korean and so expects parents and their adult children to be heavily involved in each others' lives. Stitchy, I imagine the Jewish community in America has a similar perception of aging parents?

I'd also be interested in hearing acidboy's take on all this.

my take is- a household that serves both mexican and korean cuisine would be a glorious household indeed Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
in both cultures where I exist in, the concept of sending your elders out to a home or to be cared for by a staff is like the biggest shameful act you could do to them. the first thing the judgemental people would tell you is you're an ingrate. I, on the other hand, have concluded that it would be near impossible for me to live with my parents because we really do not get along. and my departed mother in law chose to live alone in her house rather than stay with one of her kids- although they were all neighbors so I guess its practically the same thing. I don't get along well with my folks, and the feeling is mutual. but I do live a few minutes away from them- well, its also because I like the neighborhood where we are and also because that's the only thing they ask of me- that they could see their grandkids often. but to share a house won't be healthy to our relationships. my grandmother stayed with my parents until a few months before she passed away, and the relationship was contentious to say the least... when she moved to my dad's brother's place that's when their relationship became warmer.

Originally Posted by EMartNJ View Post

This really has no place here but anyway America seems to be the only country where families are expected to cut each other off from 18-death. The fact that people my age have to move back in with their parents when just starting their careers is seen as this horrible thing is obscene. I think its good for the country and good for families. Why waste 1/2 of your entry level salary on city rent when you could live at a home for a year or two and build a savings base?

a lot of people here in asia live with their parents until they get married. and a good percentage of men would just have the wife move into their house when they get married.
Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy View Post

Could I keep my hat?

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

you look a bit different without all those fancy duds, Gus.
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Reading DTs this morning I came to the conclusion we need a sock check. Edina = Mrpologuy.

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i think we can just rename DT to, edinas ranked threads sub-forum.
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Originally Posted by Piobaire View Post

Reading DTs this morning I came to the conclusion we need a sock check. Edina = Mrpologuy.

I second this.
Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

i think we can just rename DT to, edinas ranked threads sub-forum.

Well the rest of SF could contribute some dumb, too. Just be glad I am keeping DT alive.
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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

i think we can just rename DT to, edinas ranked threads sub-forum.

no, because no.

but we do seem to have come full circle here.
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A typical day in the life of an academic SF member:

10:00   Wake up
10:03   e-mail, load styleforum
10:04   drool at dropcrotch pants lined with mink fur at NMWA--can't afford to buy though
11:00   Bike to office in University campus
11:15   surf porn, but look like you are doing a review or reading some paper
12:00:   Meeting with grad student who is your TA.  You don't want to teach, he doesn't want to TA.  You come to an unspoken gentleman's agreement--neither does nothing, and neither reports the other.  Wink wink.  He is having g/f issues--she got a dream job teaching Medieval Church Chants at some West Coast university, but TA wants to stay here!   Ah, "the classic 2-body problem".  Never mind neither one of you knows about what a 2-body problem really is, since that is so old fashioned learning!  Now you just stick it into Matlab and some pretty picture will come out.  Perfect for that talk at the big meet next weeking...which reminds you.
12:05:   Tell A.A.  to book flight to SanFran for meeting.  Extra days needed for SF meet, ski-trip, gay flings in the Castro district
12:30:  Lunch with mandatory espresso and biscotti
13:00:   Have to teach.  FML!!!  Show up late and un-prepared.  Undergrads don't care, you don't care, it's win-win
14:00:  Wander around campus, looking busy.  But really, it's "cruising time"---so many hot young chicks, hot guys, guys with cool fits, etc etc.
 14:30:   Pop into University wood shop, to work on your hobby---Making dildos out of Brazilian rosewood, and selling them on Styleforum B&S. 
15:00:   Departmental cookie hour.  Show up looking frightfully busy, say "Reviews!  Reviews! How many more!".  Have anecdotes to wow the sycophantic grad students.  Grab cookie. get out.
15:05:   Back in office, on computer.  Surfing porn.  But looking like you're very busy
16:00:  Departmental colloquium.  Have to show up and ask question that defends your research and humiliates the Visiting scholar from England.  Have to sit in front row, leg slung over other leg.
16:45:   Schmooze with department head and visiting US Navy bigshots.  Make sure "wink wink" is in order with Dept Head--you do no work, he doesn't hold you to doing work, win-win for all.
17:00:  Dinner with Visiting Scholar.   Time to pretend like you understand Tuscan wine and the difference between bearnaise and hollandaise.
20:00:   Pub with Visiting Scholar.  Mend fences for ripping her talk, with no basis for doing so.
21:00:   Secret date with new grad student from Poland (the one on the 2nd floor, you are on the 4th floor)
22:00:   Cruising in lclub district near where you live.
23:00:   Back home, chill-out music, surf net, post on Styleforum
23:30:  Crash for the night after shooting limoncello, Life is beautiful!

Day in the Life of a Real Life Job SF member:

5:30:  Alarm goes off, rush out of bed
5:31:   Shower, shave, get dressed in Classic Menswear (normal-style,  not SF-sanctioned dandyism)
6:00:   Coffee
6:04:   Subway to work
7:00:  At desk.  Check mail.   There is panic.  Something's going on in London--3 pf clients want explanation.  Client in Luxembourg wants out.
7:05:   SHowtime!  Thump chest, gorilla style!!  thump thump thump thump!   Put your charm on.  Get on phone with London, telling them your explanation.  They don't understand you, but you phoned, so it's all good.
7:30:  Meeting with MDs.  One has clearly been on crack last night again.  Give your spiel.
8:00:   On TV with Bloomberg.  GIve your version
9:00:  Update spreadsheets
9:10:  Pee
9:11:  Continue updating spreadsheets.   Quick reports e-mailed to Luxembourg
9:30;  Check styleforum.  Stanley van Buren has posted a fit.  Need to comment...no time.  Move on.
10:00:  More companies will report this afternoon, need to update spreadsheets
12:00:  Lunch at desk
12:01:  Nearly choke by eating lunch so fast.
12:06:  Coffee
12:07:  Notice strange lump at side of neck, no time to check further.
12:08:   Back to spreadsheets, reconcile with most recent filings
15:00:  Companies report.  Update s/s.  e-mail.
15:15:  Phonecall interview with ThomsonOne, Bloomberg, MarketWatch.
 16:00:  Analyst's Report out to Bloomberg
16:01:  Spreadsheets
18:00:  Dinner
18:01:  Nearly choke again
18:02:  Dinner done
21:01:  Check SF.  My account is banned.  Why?  No time to make another, need to go home.
21:03:  Subway home
22:00:  Home, make new SF account.  post.  post deleted within minutes.
22:04:  Bedtime. 
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I cannot believe I wasted that great "mind is blown" animated gif on Edina. frown.gif
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Originally Posted by Piobaire View Post

I cannot believe I wasted that great "mind is blown" animated gif on Edina. frown.gif

I lol'ed just because the gif guy kinda resembles edina

if edina took a shower, get a decent haircut and lose all those flabs from his weight loss.
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