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Originally Posted by FLMountainMan View Post

No I didn't.
You're an ass, I'm just an idiot.

FLMM, was there supposed to be a *not* in that post, or were you confirming both assertions for Big Skip?
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Originally Posted by edinatlanta View Post

Are these guys serious? Also, do they know they are complete dickheads?


Who are those guys?

Amish steeeez
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What is the formal process for hiring assassins on styleforum? I'd like this to go through the correct channels.
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Originally Posted by Cantabrigian View Post


Who are those guys?

Amish steeeez

It looks similar to what the Amish wear but it's not. It's inspired from old school out in the country German workwear.
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Isn't that also the inspiration for Amishstyle?
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In the which case, I withdraw my lulz.

Ye olde German workwear = ye olde respect
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Does some1 have a link 2 the old school out in the country German workwear thread?
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Originally Posted by imatlas View Post

Isn't that also the inspiration for Amishstyle?

Somewhat. This style was common in middle Europe back in the day.
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Originally Posted by gdl203 View Post

I'm not one to complain about ads in general.  ESPECIALLY on SF - this is the only way that they can keep the site running, why on earth would I adblock them when they get paid per impression?   No, I'm quite happy that there are ads.  Sometimes the network and retargeting ads can get a little funny or off topic, but overall, the ads here are actually relevant. 


I was just a bit surprised by that awful mobile ad that took up most of the screen with (what I assumed to be) a misleading offer or some sort.   I'm sure Fok and team like to hear when the ads are a bit off like that so they can crack the whip where needed...

Yes, please do take a screenshot or something, and send it my way.  We are always on the lookout for stuff like this, but mobile, in particular, is hard to monitor.  The technology is constantly changing, and everyone is constantly scrambling to keep up.  What makes it an exciting time - ad people what to make their ads relevant too, the truth is that everyone is fumbling around in the dark - also makes it a Wild West atmosphere.  It's a whole new world for advertisers and publishers alike.  We do the best we can, and please tell us when there are actual problems, because we try to fix those and keep moving forward.

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What the fok is going on with the lack of moderation in swd ? were all available resources put into the miran hunting expeditions , emptying the coffers? An infestation of mindless orcs has taken root, diseased spores spreading to every thread.
Only hope now is to engage with flamethrowers
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A lot could be avoided if the usual people didn't just automatically shit all over each new member. I mean, it's a little disingenuous to keep piling on, then complain when they start making annoying retaliatory posts.
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Ya I kicked the Isachenko case up to Fok a few days ago, since SWD isn't my focus.

SF is intentionally big tent/Wild West, and SWD is perhaps the wildest of parts. Several "senior members" admired now provoked similar reactions when they first arrived. The few posts of Isachenko that were reported didn't seem like trolling, just that his taste wasn't that of the norm. So he was attacked, and he defended himself, usually w/ more restraint than his opponents. This is not to say he isn't a troll for sure. But I think there's a lot of truth to what noob was saying.

What's interesting to me is how non-conforming noobs are treated differently on MC and SWD. MCers generally try to edumacate such noobs in the group's history and common standards. But since there is not quite the slavery or concern (depending on one's perspective) for history and common standards on SWD, people tend to just go straight to insults or calls for banning. That's my thought at least.
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Has nothing to do with lacking conformity, that would be a welcomed change to the braindead oxen that want to just consume the next patch of trendy grass.

Rather, he has 200+ posts in a short time regurgitating a generic case of mall fashion advice with no real substance to anything he says, a seeming end goal of don't wear that or girls won't talk to you. he's not original, nor clever, and what he says has been said a zillion times before by other transient trolls.

I get it, MC is the cash cow here, but doesn't mean swd doesn't need the cobwebs cleaned out once in a while ...
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I agree w/ your characterization of him except for the troll label (which, again, I'm not ruling out). Noobs and trolls are irritating. Trolls do it on purpose though.

Of course, the lines can blur, particularly when people are attacked early on. They decide then to switch from being unintentionally irritating to doing it intentionally.
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For the record, I don't care if he gets banned or if he's a troll or not. I just want to be able to block him without the more irritating spoiler.

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