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Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH View Post

Do you think there is any possibility for a "Save Draft" feature? Sometimes I want to type long things, but have to resort to saving to a word document and going back to it. I think it would be a useful feature for people who want to put well deserved thought into certain posts.

That happens to me too. Yes, it's a worthwhile consideration (I have to check that it's not there already, but just don't know about it.). I'll definitely bring this up.


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Awesome, thanks a bunch.
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Has Rambo been banned? Might I inquire as to why?
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I hope he's not banned...I had so much more I wanted to say to him.
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I could certainly guess why, and it would be hard to totally dismiss that line of reasoning, even if I would not have made the same decision.
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Rambo decided that he was no longer a fan of Styleforum, and wanted to start his own thing. He is, of course, free to do so, and best of luck to him. However, he did not ask, nor would he have been granted permission, to use our PM system to recruit members for his new forum, especially if his recruitment tactic was to disparage our efforts here. I was alerted to this by several members.

Using the bar analogy of which we are so fond - if you decide that you want to open up your own bar - that's your decision. However, if you come into our bar to talk trash about it, and to tell other patrons that they ought to go to your bar, you are probably going to get tossed out on your ass.


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fwiw, i haven't heard anything disparaged about SF at all and neither has Rambo recruited me by SF pm (it was by facebook)
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I felt bad for the guy. Dude obviously had issues..

But everyone here has issues laugh.gif
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Someone asked us recently "Why the new forum? What's wrong with StyleForum?" We had been debating writing a whole long, drawn out screed featuring all the problems, but I figure using one of their favorite metaphors would be better. The team over at SF constantly refer to it as a bar. One where they are the management and the moderators were the bartenders. And, at one point, that might have been the case. It was a cool place to hang out, with interesting characters and a great vibe. But, soon enough, some corporate douchebags got a hold of the place, and everything you knew and loved changed. They put up ads all over the place, a shitty "new" design, and made everything more corporate. All that you loved about the old place faded away, as did almost all of the unique people who made it what it was. And all that was left were the same dickheads that made the place a bore, topped off with every Tom, Dick, and Harry selling anything and everything imaginable. Every time you complained to management, they did nothing. So, one day, after losing all interest in going there at all, you decided to say "you know what? fuck it, if I can't have my old bar back, I'm going to open one myself!" And, so, here we are.
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Is that the royal "we?"
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I hope both bars field intramural softball teams.
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I think it's the bats that would be soft.
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Originally Posted by Douglas View Post

I think it's the bats that would be soft.

I vote caber toss.
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I thought PMs and their content were sacrosanct?
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Originally Posted by E,TF View Post

I thought PMs and their content were sacrosanct?

More likely people that did not appreciate his approach forwarded them along?
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