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Great jacket steveoffice but too small frown.gif

Obscured, jacket seems very incongruent with everything else and too big. Should wear something cropped and darker.
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you should take a better photo, can't see much right now (needs proper lightning and better angle)

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I agree completely with Brad-t about the jacket.  Also, wearing a crew neck t-shirt under a shirt has got to be one of the most dad-core things you can possibly do.  I can't stand the way it looks.  Bottom half is dope though.

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The bottom half needs to be looser by a good bit. I think the jacket could be great in another context. Pants are too skinny for me for anything, you need to eat a sandwich (and I'm already skinny as f myself)
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Originally Posted by lmaozedong View Post

you need to eat a sandwich

a list of times where someone has said this and not sounded like a huge asshole:
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ya ok point taken. my point is that those pants are not flattering for how skinny he is.

am i allowed to say that?
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Ok, second pic, hope it`s better now...

What would you suggest for a good look with the jacket? And yes I know, that I`m to skinny, but it will take time to change.


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Things you could change, in order of priority:

1. Switch to a tee others can't see
2. Get some jeans that aren't quite as slim

3. Tuck shirt

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Ok, thanks for your advice kindofyoung! 1. and 3. are easy to do,

but finding good fitting pants for me, will take his time.

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Idk I kinda like the look how it is but I can't really see much of the pants since the door looks just as dark as them.
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The blazer is awesome and I think it fits fine.  Do what KoY said and try to find a looser pair of pants (jeans might work but I can't really picture it with a pink blazer).  Yoox has some good deals right now, you can probably find a pair of margiela slim fit in your size for like $80.


Edit: and I think you need a blue or other light color, or all-out techno pattern beirendonck style.

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I actually think the sleeves of the blazer could be taken in an inch. Don't see any problem otherwise.. May look better with grey trousers.. ?
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Ignore the belt. Top button was undone before i left the house too.




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Ok I`ll look through yoox.... 80 is really cheap and MMM is one of my favorite designers/brands smile.gif. Do you think I should get something like chinos, or would wool trousers being the better choice? I thoughted on last. Grey trousers I`m not sure, maybe a ligth bluish grey...


Techno pattern style? Sounds interesting, do you have a link to some pics for oriantation and inspiration?

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Originally Posted by RegisDB9 View Post

I calculated in my head what I spent on each piece I am wearing and I understand your point. I guess my explanation of it would be...

why do you have to explain anything? its your money, do what you want with it, do what makes you happy. smile.gif
Originally Posted by cyc wid it View Post

Tldr of my previous post: It's possible to enjoy the clothing without masturbating intellectually over it.

what about regular masturbating?
Originally Posted by RegisDB9 View Post

The best fits that are posted here are posters who can take different brands and make them work together, no doubt in that. I have to be honest and say I don't think I would be very successful at this

you are too modest. the best fits are the ones that look good. 1 brand or 10, either way their is equal opportunity for fail and success. those who succeed are the ones who posts the best fits. so is my opinion anyways.
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