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Only thing that sucks about sk8 his is the spelling
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Originally Posted by DividedWay View Post

This is what I think of when I think of whimper for a fortune. The shorts are blah bordering on just bad, the shoes look boring (they don't have to) and the tee is... fine. I want something more interesting for the money.

Just needs new shorts. Those are some of the all-time worst.
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Hate for that fit is a bit harsh. Every item there looks good to me (digging the loose, tartany shorts especially), just perhaps not together.
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Margiela - Ann D - Siki - Raf

After the buyer decided to not purchase the 5 zip. I decided to wear it to work this morning. Still feels a bit tight in the shoulders, but I think I'll just keep...
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looks a little tight. hope it stretches out a bit, in which case itll be perfect.
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It does look too tight in the shoulders / arms... it's typically a dropped shoulder jacket

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First time posting here... so I`m slightly excited. My taste had changed a lot over a few months. So now I`m tired of the jeans + sneaker looks, for going out at evening  and want to create some slick Friday evening looks. Hope I`m on the right way shog[1].gif



Blazer: Walter Van B.

Shirt: Zara

Pants: Dior

Boots: Dsquared2

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Great jacket steveoffice but too small frown.gif

Obscured, jacket seems very incongruent with everything else and too big. Should wear something cropped and darker.
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you should take a better photo, can't see much right now (needs proper lightning and better angle)

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I agree completely with Brad-t about the jacket.  Also, wearing a crew neck t-shirt under a shirt has got to be one of the most dad-core things you can possibly do.  I can't stand the way it looks.  Bottom half is dope though.

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The bottom half needs to be looser by a good bit. I think the jacket could be great in another context. Pants are too skinny for me for anything, you need to eat a sandwich (and I'm already skinny as f myself)
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Originally Posted by lmaozedong View Post

you need to eat a sandwich

a list of times where someone has said this and not sounded like a huge asshole:
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ya ok point taken. my point is that those pants are not flattering for how skinny he is.

am i allowed to say that?
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Ok, second pic, hope it`s better now...

What would you suggest for a good look with the jacket? And yes I know, that I`m to skinny, but it will take time to change.


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Things you could change, in order of priority:

1. Switch to a tee others can't see
2. Get some jeans that aren't quite as slim

3. Tuck shirt

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