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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

I like this because it's a bunch of stuff that's pretty cool but not amazing or goes together great but it looks like comfortable clothing and all pretty good and just a person wearing clothes and it's fine. And actually there're aspects of it that are kind of ugly but fuck it. The hair is not so good I don't care. Though I don't like the straight hem of the shir actually if I'm going to pick nits. Whatever

Go home, you're drunk.
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drunk styleforuming is gift from itnernet gods i'm doing it now its great

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Popé, he called my clothes ugly and told me that my hair is "not so good." Wtf imma cry dude.
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working still you watch yourself i'm comin for u


"droopy drop blap" might be greatest description of yohji or possibly all clothing in general

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aka Lindsay Lohan.
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My Mum is visiting.  


Today's dinner, courtesy of my Mum :) :


Levrek, pan-fried to fucking perfection by my Mum.  

Levrek is a fish, usually translated as Mediterranean seabass.  The best comes from waters off of Egypt and Turkey, but Greek catches are not bad.  My Mum brought 4, frozen of course.  One was eaten by me today.  Served with tomato and onion salsa (a kind of horiatiki, or salad, from my village), and arugula and lemon.


I don't get to say this often, but it feels so good to be the centre of attention, and not have to play second fiddle to Lady Miran.  For the next few days, Lady Miran will be second fiddle. I dined in solitary splendor, with my Mum bending over me at the table asking:  "You like?  Is it good?" while kissing my forehead, while Lady Miran was washing up dishes :)  How nice to have the universe revolve around me for a change...rather like what Stanley van Buren has everyday...


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Originally Posted by Golf54 View Post

Originally Posted by clapeyron View Post

Okay, I thought you were mimicking tom waits. I am no voice teacher so it's probably best not to take my snark too seriously. Keep doing what your doing.





Luxire pants in their intended habitat:


timotune fauxbrosi

on that note, your swing looks ogilvy-ish at the top. how did you make this gif?


I take that as a compliment. I made it with photoshop.

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It certainly was. Happy golfing!
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You´re turning your hips a bit too late, clapey.

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Watch much too big for your tiny wrists.

I am a high-end watch connoisseur but I also know my low-end watches. My money is on that being a 45mm Victorinox Classic Chrono. You should of got the 42...unless it is and you are 5 ft 110lbs

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Just a thought I had today, kgfan is possibly the only one that produces 'best of' quality fits even when dressed for insane heat.
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