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That's a really nice photo sweeteaconvent. Using a remote on an SLR?

Warning: Spoiler! - Brands (Click to show)
Our Legacy
Buttero - Still trying to break in these squeaky shoes!

photo 18ccb8ec-b6be-41c9-8458-dba63ef263da_zps985caa36.jpg
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Good fit KG.
Been wanting to pick up a pair of Silent or Damir drop crotch shorts for some time. How do I size them? I'm on the bigger side of a 48 in pants, 34" waist.
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I have almost that exact fit Elisix (not sure what that says about either of us, except we're sheep?) only I have the black vintage butteros. I like that OL sun altered blues shirt so much I bought a second one. The pattern is really subtle in person and looks closer to a plain blue tee than tie dyed.
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Yup. Definitely doesn't look like a 'tie dye' shirt.

I might even grab the bleached version.

Also, are Buttero's known to squeak with every step?

Mine are terribly loud. Assuming they will wear in.
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i like the fit of those jeans on you elisix.


how did you size those acne jeans and what cut/model are they?

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That OL tee looks way better than I thought.
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Cheers. They're the Acne Max Raw. http://www.mrporter.com/product/312692


I also have them in black, though they're the Max Cash. http://www.mrporter.com/product/300478


Both fit very nicely. I bought them about a year ago.


No washes as yet, just hung up and aired after each wear.

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Fuck belts:


My first pair of Luxire golf trousers which are as it turns out much too nice to be worn on the golf course.


Cotton/Linen shirt with Mr. Green collar (Das Oneshirt - POLL INSIDE).




More details (Click to show)














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they really hug the ass uhoh.gif
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Originally Posted by Benesyed View Post

melinda gloss
coming soon

weekend wear smile.gif
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Rainy day, first post.


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jeez louise clap u r giant
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