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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

Cole, I'm sure you've posted this before, but what are the jeans? The lap fades look nice. Can't see anything in your pictures, though - if you're going to bother, how about taking some in real light?

thanks! they are Rogue Territory RK ISC trousers. nice 10.5oz weight for the summer and great fit for me (although they are painted onto my calves, wouldn't mind some extra room there.) They are at about 7 months with no washes now so the fades look really good, I really need to get around to snapping some detail shots soon.

as far as the pictures go.. it's hard for me to find good lighting in my dad's apartment. sometimes I can get good pictures when I'm at my moms because I can go to the back yard and take them on my patio. I don't really wear anything other than vneck/rk isc's/vans during summer so I don't take fit pics often. when I do it's just a mirror pic because it's easy and quick. when I do wear something worth photographing I don't normally go to the trouble of taking a picture anyways, since I have to use my tripod constructed of a dixie cup, masking tape, and a plastic coffee lid, as well as finding a spot with good lighting at a good height. so I guess it just boils down to laziness and pickiness. sometimes I'm not happy with the pictures I take so they never get posted. I just posted these(being pictures I never posted because I didn't like them) since I saw your post and wanted to post some old fits and cute animals. next time I wear something decent I'll actually go to the trouble of getting a good picture.

edit: I'm assuming you're talking about the jeans in the first picture from my previous post. can't see much in that picture but the fades are very nice. second picture is just a shitty pair of hollister jeans my friend gave me. I would never buy something like that but pretty much handed them to me and said I could have them. they fit well and its nice to have a pair of prefaded denim I guess but I never wear those because I love my RgT's so much.
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Hidden Placket
Merlot Covered Slacks
Shutter Blinds Sneaks
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Very clean. What's the brand for the hidden placket shirt?

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Mr Kim hat
RL Art Deco shirt
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Warning: Spoiler! - Brands (Click to show)





photo 447f57f4-cdf5-4926-be9d-531e51831234_zpsa570a7de.jpg

I also bought this Ervell jacket which I will return. They sent me the wrong color and I think the Grey which I ordered would have been much nicer.

photo 98d32bdc-2059-4bf4-b3fb-f1769d9a38cf_zps7f0a7fe9.jpg

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This is why I don't own Lanvins, they're often hard to pair. elisiX, shirt+belt+pants all say rustic americana, shoes say runway sleek. All good items but don't gel knowhwatImean?
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Perhaps they look more out of place with the shirt tucked, not sure.


In person they don't seem to at all. 

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stitches,for casual boots, a suede chukka or chelsea boot (seldom see them, but they're cool) will be sufficient, not too far away from dress shoes
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where do i buy robe and please don't tell me not available my rl one is fucked up
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I think it's from last fall porter had it discounted by a lot.
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Hmmm.. I guess something like this would have been much more suitable.


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Me today. Feedback is as always appreciated.
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Yeah I think something like those DBs would suit better ElisiX, those Lanvins look awfully out of place to me too
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Should have chucked on my brown suede Alden boots this morning lol. 

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shirt seems a touch long
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