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Originally Posted by thewho13 View Post

Boring summer fit, but I just wanted to play around with the new toy M. Shah sent me.

clothing (Click to show)

Did you mean el zapatinsky?

Mellos printed tee is boss.
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So I heard you guys like double monkstrap shoes




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BFAM!! Love iiiiit!
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can't stand double monks, single monks, triple monks
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You in the wrong on this one, du. Still bros?
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mc fits must have pocket squares

bro-2 du-0
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Disagree. PSs are for the birds. TIE SCORE!!!
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Sicilian message: you don't like Geller, you sleep with the fishes.


side note: monk straps would also be a convenient way to affix cement shoes.

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i actually prefer monk straps, i like the shape and silhouette of the pair i have a lot smile.gif
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only selfie from new york:

wolf vs goat
mcnairy x tbs
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how was NYC, tegs? great success?
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Very busy, although it went very well. Was mostly running around from store to showroom to store to Capsule, but had time for a few good meals.

I didn't buy any clothing, although I think I might pick up an Ervell jacket after I check out of the hotel tomorrow. Calculating my expenses right now though frown.gif
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glad to hear it went well. kop the ervell for a present on a job well done. hell, go ahead and expense it.
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I don't know how Fok would feel about that mwink[1].gif
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Yeahhhhh Regis that is awesome!
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