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Originally Posted by Jbravo View Post

See, I'm a pretty nice guy (at least this is what the people who know me think) and really don't like fighting for no reason, creating drama and all. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
I can be sarcastic and snarky at times but even in these instances there is no malice whatsover behind all that - just humor, which is a good thing per se. Some might get this humor, some might not, but I don't think there's reason to complain in any case because noone has paid for entrance tickers, after all. Having said that, I don't take shit from people, even if these people are old-timers and get all the home support.  The "Ann D - why not Ann A" was not insulting or derogatory in any way and the reaction I got from chairman was a little inadequate. I replied to him and the thing could have stopped right there. However enter nahneun and for no apparent reason talking about my taste in clothes, etc. What does my taste in clothes have to do with this? And this came from a person who posted like 1 fit in 100 years where he looked like a midget version of Tom Sawyer. And I used to like nahneun a lot, by the way.

 I will listen to your recommendation, for which I thank you, and hope that my so-called opponents will act accordingly too and we stop this right here.

i am sure you are a superb dude irl. but sometimes, whether we like or not, our intentions and tone dont come off right when interacting on the web. for whatever reason, your posts and comments were not received as intended, and you got slammed for it, and drama ensued. and btw, SF smells drama like a shark smells blood.

no one likes being slammed. and the natural reaction is to respond as you did. "this place is free... i dont take shit... who cares how long someone has been here...

those are all reasonable and logical responses. but for better or worse, it does not matter. it is the way it is, and there is only one way to make it work. adapt. grab your balls, take a deep breath, adjust some of the ways you post, and dont say anything that even remotely resembles contention. do that and i guarantee you will be fine.

glad to help, and glad what i said was well received, as it was intended, for your benefit, not to try and push you around.
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oooooooooooooooh buuuuuurn

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jbravo, frankly, i'm not a very nice person in general and i have no problem with speaking my mind, so here are my two cents.

your problem is that you try too hard on the internet to be a tough guy and get defensive every time anyone even remotely questions what you do. your joke was lame, deal with it. people called you out on it because it was a bad joke and then you got all defensive and butthurt. you put together some bad outfits and people gave reasonable criticism, and you lash out against them like the biggest asshat on the planet. chill out, stop giving so many fucks, and learn to accept criticism for what it is instead of trying to be the "i have a giant penis and i bang all the chicks because i wear DIOR HOMME JEANS BRAHHHHHHHH" dude.
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i think you're one of the best posters 4est.. but i don't really get the hole in that t shirt sleeve (if it's meant to be a design element).. looks a bit too slovenly.

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Originally Posted by Dr Huh? View Post

Jabonator in 20 years.

Omg, was just thinking he kinda looks like me. I'm wearing white jeans atm, too (can't bother to take a fit pic, but blacked out hmmms and a denim shirt w rolled sleeves and a grey cap in the weird case anyone's interested and to sort of stay on topic).
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Originally Posted by penanceroyaltea View Post

i think you're one of the best posters 4est.. but i don't really get the hole in that t shirt sleeve (if it's meant to be a design element).. looks a bit too slovenly.



thanks man.  yeah there are holes on both shoulders and in the stomach, and I think some on the back too.  it's a 13+ year old S&M Bikes shirt and it is very slovenly, but I like that.

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i hate on double monks but the cuteness of your daughter's pose makes up for all the hate. and you know i am full of hate foo.gif
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I like dub munkz
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Those double monks are beautiful. Your daughter is super cute too.
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Shoes look great. Nice use of colors all around.
For sure my favorite stitches outfit yet.
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 Dearest nahneun,


 Humor is a very subjective thing and the same joke may be perceived by some as lame and by others as a good one. I'm not sure you/others understood the joke. Because if you did, I am surprised that you/others found it offensive or lame. For the avoidance of doubt, its subject was not sexual or vulgar in any way. It was an allusion to a bunch of memes which make me laugh all the time. This joke can be understood only within the context of those memes.


 Being defensive with regard to my arguments is a huge part of my profession, of my job and there is nothing I can do about it. Sorry.


 About my outfits. I have posted quite many outfit pictures, having received positive feedback on some and not so positive on others. I think this is a normal thing and I don't see a problem with that. I am equally grateful to those who have left positive feedback and those who gave me reasonable and substantiated critique (excluding those who tried to pinprick me undeservingly) . Every person has a different taste, different preference. Taste changes, preferences change. You might like one thing today and stop liking it tomorrow and vice versa. I really don't see a problem here.


You're right about the size of my penis, brah, and yours will never grow as big because, as statistics show, the size of average Caucasian penis........Of fuck it, doesn't matter really. 


I appreciate that we've had this conversation and hope that this quasi-beef ends right here. Peace.

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Nice shoes stitch.

Nice shirt c4est.
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Sometimes I really hate WAYWT
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never mind, just put him on ignore
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