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Originally Posted by Eli Dion View Post

I think the fit of the shirt is fine. You can tell by the shoulder seams and it's not too tight around the chest or waist. I do think the color isn't the best for his complexion though.

if you're going to quote multi posts at once please use the multi quote tool on here and edit in a spoiler to the pictures so that your posts don't make unnecessary clutter. thank you.
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 Not liking the shoes, kgfan5.  Your other fit pictures are much better imo.

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Liking the shirt/shorts combo. 


What shoes would have been more suitable? 

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I like the shoes in that context. Obviously they're ugly.
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 I think sneakers (high-top/low) but not that kind.

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I'm not sure the sneakers matter since it looks like a gym fit.
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*Double post
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ha i didn't know 95s get so much hate. anyhow i was choosing between the ann lows and 95s this morning and decided go with comfort over ballar. i also feel like they work better in this context as well.biggrin.gif
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looks good kg, the sneakers work well
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Those 95s are dope but it's def an aquired taste. Those the OG colorway?

I've sold of almost my whole Nike collection but I've been thinking about getting a pair of Air Maxes again. Either AM1, 90, or 95s.
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conceptionist, you should try to find these: http://hypebeast.com/2008/11/nike-sportswear-air-max-90-moire

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KG, not your best fit but you are certainly one of the most diverse posters with different styles, brands, etc. and you always make it look natural. Props.
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