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Originally Posted by s3lam View Post

CP (going on 7th year)

Those jeans, which ones are those exactly?
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Originally Posted by elisiX View Post


Yup Grey Chukka CP's. 


They're a 42 as I have quite wide feet. However I wear a 41 in the Tournament Low in Suede as they're unlined.


In Achilles i'd have to wear a 42 as they are padded/lined. I once bought Achilles in 41 and they tore my heels to hell. 

cool, thanks man

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Warning: Spoiler! - Thoughts (Click to show)

Another Ervell fit today. Attempting to go for the same style/look he has on his own site for these jackets.

Hard to tell from the picture, but my legs look much shorter than they actually are. Am actually wearing my jeans high on my waist.


Warning: Spoiler! - Brands (Click to show)


Brent Wilson


Common Projects

photo 6f535e33-5549-4858-9056-ae61867a9bee_zpsa65173f0.jpg

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honestly I don't think Ervell is going to work for you.

edit: I mean, bomber is ok, but Ervell as a look probably not for you
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Why? I mean I'm not feeling the tucked in shirt and I think the bomber is a little big but I don't think there's an aesthetic to his clothing that really discriminates.
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I also think its a little big in the body/sleeves but it was my first Ervell item and I figured the M would be much too short (cropped). 

In hindsight I could probably have gone with the M as the sleeves and body would be better, but it could look terrible with an un-tucked shirt.

The L isn't too bad when I wear an un-tucked shirt so long as the shirt is not overly long. 

The shirt in the spoiler is cut shorter and is about the length of a BoO shirt.

Warning: Spoiler! - Ervell w/ un-tucked shirt (Click to show)
photo null_zps083e8b68.jpg

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To hot for fashionz Uploaded with Imgupr
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Originally Posted by ManofKent View Post

Having another play with Yohji.

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siki im
neil barrett
diet butcher slim skin

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dem legs

gant rugger chambray bd
pf flyers
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Originally Posted by Mr. Moo View Post


flawless gif looping
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First time in Hokkaido


Ute ploier
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^needs more color contrast, too many similar shades of gray
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MOK that's so awesome, i knew you'd be back :-)

thanks for the thumbs up to everybody
Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

moast excellent. great pics in that link too.

appreciate it, i will try to use a pocketsquare next time and hopefully you'll not be put off by it !
Originally Posted by lmaozedong View Post

why do the classifieds in your signature link to the shah's profile, zapiste? this is very confusing, as i already mix the two of you up!
(great fit, aren't the uniqlo linens perfect?)

very simple, my dear sir. we take from the tyrant and give to the people

(linen shirts are great, i have one in a sand/khaki color as well, so loose and comfy and wrinkly good)
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Originally Posted by LeeroyDaBoy View Post

Definitely hot (and humid) as fuck here. I should have thrown on an undershirt with this tee. It's kind of a clingy viscose blend already anyways. So, couple that with this heat and humidity, and voila, clingy ass shit. And I agree with you on the Ricks. I'll re-lace them.


Yeah, I know the one.  If you wear one of his micro-ribbed shirts under it they'll kinda "stick" to each other and it'll give the viscose shirt a lot more texture so it's not just a flat grey.  The shirts lose their oompf when worn alone, I think, at least the tight ones

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