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Vanishing Elephant
Claude Maus
Everlane Backpack/Belt

any suggestions for what other shoes i can wear with these jeans?? i want to get CPs in white. the strong taper and me being short makes it tricky as it can be easy to look clownfooted.
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Originally Posted by elisiX View Post

MC today.

Carhartt (barely vis)

photo ed5b6630-5870-4afd-9cca-6db14b0b98cd_zps39fa76ae.jpg

Yes, I changed my shirt before I left after discovering a stain.

Killing it!
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Just finished like a month of WAYWT catch-up. dishy awesome, colabear good fit, MoK, as usual, you make me want to give up trying to look cool because of the level you are on.
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caseyfud post something funny. we need to regain our spot amongst the top rated posts mok stole from us.

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Just in case anyone forgets, this is how you put a shirt on and button it up.


Our Legacy
MMM (should have gone laceless?)

photo 166281b2-2c02-47a5-ae93-be73a5594e94_zps5a75e04e.jpg
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youre taking it off
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Yes, it's also how you take one off smile.gif
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Last few fits, its cold here.

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RRL, Gitman, Zimma Tailors, Meermin, Jack Victor, RL Marlows, Filson

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TOJ, BoO, Uniqlo, Filson x 2, CPs
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In Australia everything works in reverse (cf. toilet-flushing).
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Great looking Peacoat Ari.

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Originally Posted by thewho13 View Post

In Australia everything works in reverse (cf. toilet-flushing).
Lies. When I was in Australia the toilets had 2 flushes. 1 for #1, and a more intense flush for #2. Both just sent a deluge of water down the toilet from all sides. No spinning in reverse like everyone says.

Talk about disappointment wink.gif
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i actually keep my shirt buttoned and then pull it over my head like a tee shirt. TAKE THAT ELISIX!!! biggrin.gif
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slow day in here today.

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This thread is slow and I'm starting to think of shoes as punchlines:

geller geller our acne birks

geller our legacy birks
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need deets on the tattoos

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