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cool sweater, zedong. and great lifestyle pics. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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lmao, how was the future beauty exhibit? Worth going to?
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Originally Posted by DLester View Post

@lmao, yeah the PNW !

I hadn't been up North in fifteen years and it's a damn shame, the PNW is gorgeous. Would not mind living up there at all.
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lmao, how was the future beauty exhibit? Worth going to?
Yes times a million, I was very impressed by how well curated the SAM is. Even my unfashionable family enjoyed the exhibit.
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oh shit mok
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lmao I think my friend was on the same Celebrity cruise. 10 days in Alaska departing from Seattle?
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nah it was 7 days
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Good stuff lmao, looked like a pretty sweet cruise. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
I'm going to have to head down check out that exhibit this week, keep forgetting.
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Originally Posted by Diglet View Post

Great fit, TC.
Not too sure about how I feel about the tank without layering. Opinions?
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

i actually like this, and am i crazy for thinking a meshed shirt underneath would be pretty cool or
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End of the Ode for Summer. For now.


Next shirt to buy? Linen.
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Tried something different today. Wish I had a less structured black blazer.


photo 4e241909-756e-4deb-9185-15038dbe929b_zps5a38d913.jpg
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N - what pants do you wear with all that linen? you are wearing pants right?
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No, who needs them?Jeans and chino's, Steekjes. Cotton suit sometimes as well.
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Hey elisiX, i think you can do better than brown chinos with a black blazer man..  i feel like a white oxford and brown chinos is probably something you'd wear with a denim jacket, olive field jacket. something more casual.  If u had to wear a blazer, it'd be navy/blue, best unstructured.. with patch pockets.  and if you really wanted to wear that black blazer, i'd wear a cotton/poplin point collared shirt (non button down), hidden placket optional, +/- tucked into dark slim denim or trousers.. with boots or simple sneakers... 

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lmao and thatguymj, I think your pants are too tiny and it doesn't look so good on you, or at least what you're wearing with them.


I do like the street corner pic though, mj.

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Thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it. I had already considered this evening that the button down collar shirt was a fail. 

Need to pick up a nice 'dress' shirt which can be worn casually (i.e.; not excessively long like dress shirts tend to be).

I'm guessing Dries or Margeila might have something like that. Hidden placket would be cool now that you mention it.
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