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Originally Posted by LabelKing View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

All hail The King!
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Ironically, I literally just finished watching Johnny Suede

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Stanley Van Buren: The teenage years.
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Celebrating 1000 posts with everything Rick, Including the socks foo.gif

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Oh dear god
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Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren View Post

4th of July in Santa Monica

Your dog nod[1].gif
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Originally Posted by desiredusernam View Post

Since July 1 2013, I have been on the watercress diet.
This is actually a cleanse dating from classical/pagan times...based, if I understand correctly, on the medical principles of Hippocrates himself!   If carried out for a fortnight, it was supposed to purge the body of all toxins and residual wastes. 

Since July 1, I have eaten nothing but "fresh", freshly-washed watercress.  Fresh is in inverted commas, since I buy it at the grocery store and I don't know how long ago it was picked from the water, and where and how it matured.  I can only judge freshness based on appearance, smell and taste.

Anyway, the point is--I am having some bizarre side-effects, and I not sure if I should be worried.  My urine has a very mustardy smell...VERY strong smell.  Also, with all this warm humid weather, we are all hot and bothered, and I am giving off a mustardy aroma into the air.  Also, I am not sure how, but I have gained 5lb since July 1.   My Number 2 is fine....nothing to give any cause for concern, everything is moving well and coming out looking normal. 

Today I was feeling nauseous, and someone said that the watercress diet may have been a cleanse in classical times, but today it only amounts to ingesting massive amounts of pesticide, herbicide and other chemical effluents that wash into the water that the watercress is cultivated in.  With nothing else in the diet except watercress, there is nothing else in the diet--no insoluble fibre, antioxidants, etc. to help clear out the non-organic chemicals.  If anything this is health-damaging, than cleansing.  Has anyone else heard this, or for that matter, tried any other cleansing diets?
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Originally Posted by smithtris03 View Post

holy shit that hair hahaha is this a joke? i hope so

u tryna start beef u frail come at a homie lyk dat again ill straight lay u down
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Beach vacation!

brands I'd spoiler if I wasn't on the mobile site:
old gift hat
ray bans
baron wells
epaulet belt
raleigh denim
fake vans that cost me more than real vans would have
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family photo/waywt

i'm on the right
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cute photo
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simon spurr
inis meain
simon spurr
paul smith

I love nice knits and texturey wool and stuff, but I really can't wait for summer again so I can break out the pastels...getting sick of greys and blacks and even purple.
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Super cute
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photo 77ce5cdd-8201-42fc-9fac-dcf03a1ed30e_zpsca9fcffa.jpg
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