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Originally Posted by Joe E Taleo View Post

Incorrect. I very much enjoy the lifestyle shots. My life is overworked, domesticated, and suburban, so it's nice to vicariously escape.

- well enjoy my post further down then


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iTunes Playing: Hotellounge by Adem from the record Takes

Weekend Shit: Alt A Vintage x All Saints Droppy Crotchy x Con Beaters

- great shot. You look almost ethereal..
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thrombin has two key roles in the pathway.

Never thought I'd see the coagulation cascade at sf.
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Jab always makes me swoon inlove.gif

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Jab always makes me swoon inlove.gif

+1 icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Originally Posted by Coldsnap View Post

Jealous about the F1. Is it a fun sport to spectate live? I guess you only have a view of one turn.. But still Silverstone is so legendary.


Originally Posted by snowmanxl View Post

Yeah I definitely want to make a weekend out of the next Montreal Grand Prix.
It's really interesting when you walk the streets of Monaco and then are able to recognize each turn when you watch it from home.

You should def go if you get the chance.

You have to have some form of interest in cars, racing or at least speed to fully appreciate it and understand the charm of the sport. I brought a friend who worked at a car-repair garage and who didn't know what F! was to the Melbourne GP when we were travelling through Australia and he loved it. 


F1 may seem sterile and extremely calculated on TV, but IRL you get a whole other perspective with the ear crushing sound, the smell and smoke of burnt rubber and how the events are laid out as festivals with campings, car shows, street food, etc...


However, you will always get a better understanding of what's going on from the TV broadcast than seing it in person from a stand. As soon as they start to lap each other and change tyres, it gets very confusing who's first and to even tell the drivers in the same teams apart. Having been at a couple of races I recommend getting the standard General Admission tickets and walking around the track to get really close and find a big screen when you want to know what's happening. Grandstand tickets are often way overpriced in relation to how well you can follow the race.


Coldsnap: you should go to the Austin GP. Obv not a classic race but last year it was among the best of the season. I believe it's pretty cheap too since F1 doesn't have a big following in the US.

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Uniqlo x2


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Closest I've seen was Indy cars and even that was awesome. Can't imagine what f1 is like.
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Formula 1 teams throw the best parties.
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Beard (in progress)
(cant remember) black jeans + normal length legs
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excellent fit, very excellent tee, moast excellent beard/goatee action.
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Thanks guys! smile.gif
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lookin chill, T.
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