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Spent the weekend in London and Silverstone for the British F1 GP.

Ate a lot of fantastic food, went to some nice stores, bought some stuff and generally had a great time.


Some fits from the trip:


At the YY store




Peir Wu bomber

SNS herning fitted knit

Ute Ploier wool pants

Dries sneakers

Eastpak bag



At Vertice the next day




EG cotton/linen Bedford

Gap tee layered with Silent tee

Zam B textured cotton J-pants



Tried on Damir pants for the first time at LNCC and loved the volume. Don't think I'm gonna buy any more slim pants.

I've never been into leather jackets but stumbled upon a Zam B high neck leather at Layers that blew my mind. Could not believe how thick it was and how great the heavy shiny hardware looked against the leather. I've heard some bad stuff about Layers sales rep but the young spanish (?) girl in a YY look was very helpful. She took this pic of me in the leather:


Doesn't look that good here for some reason, but whatever.



Go Kimi!



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solid ^

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First fit is great.
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Damn, first one is so good. 

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Jealous about the F1. Is it a fun sport to spectate live? I guess you only have a view of one turn.. But still Silverstone is so legendary.
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Yeah I definitely want to make a weekend out of the next Montreal Grand Prix.
It's really interesting when you walk the streets of Monaco and then are able to recognize each turn when you watch it from home.
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Je m'en fous



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


on her:






on me:

ray ban





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I would hate that on 99% of people but somehow it looks cool on you.
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Did I just define steez?
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Originally Posted by Teger View Post

because you're so quick to condemn others for their personal choices. tit for tat. if your issue with obesity is that it's a public health epidemic, that's all well and good, but if you're simply angry that you might have to pay to support fat people's medical care with your tax dollars, then that's a different story. how do I know you're not using my tax dollars to go to school? why are you suddenly the arbiter of what's 'useful' spending and what's not? is it better to pay for quadruple bypass surgery, or to subsidize someone's english degree?

He is so unhappy with himself that's all he does day in and day out. Fuck that guy. foo.gif
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stanley i'm coming over spark up the grill
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Originally Posted by Noctone View Post

Did I just define steez?

i think so. is that the end of style forum?
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Facetasm USA Hat

Junya Watanabe x Levi's Denim Jacket

White Socks x Yohji Yamamoto

Opening Ceremony x Nike Shorts


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Originally Posted by Teger View Post

ronnel the first fit is ok but isn't flamboyant enough. You need to add some diamond appliqué or some pictures of yourself clubbing to the jacket to let people really know how rich you are

really.. I mean what kind of lame store are you shopping in that the SA isn't gently cradling your sack as you peruse the wares?
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im sorry fishbones, but im not feelin that. i think your usual style crushes this.
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