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Sorry, I wanted to link something digestible and don't feel like crawling through pubmed or whatever. I don't really count myself in the fat acceptance camp, but saying that fat = unhealthy and skinny = healthy is pretty blatantly untrue. I think my second point is more important, anyway.
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Thank god, in a public health debate, there is an undergrad to link us to a social theory page.

Grad now, buddy alien.gif
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Sorry, I wanted to link something digestible and don't feel like crawling through pubmed or whatever.

Isn't that the problem. Get it? Cuz like food is digested.....? .....?
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it's a public health concern because my tax dollars are now going to be spent paying for that 350 pound dude's quadruple bypass surgery instead of i don't know, being spent on education or something fucking useful. and the number of comorbidities associated with obesity is ridiculous. frankly, despite what you say, it is a good indicator of overall health. and skinny people can be obese too. they will just have more visceral fat. there's a reason why almost every developed country is considered healthier than america.

and yes, it is an epidemic. why do you think drug resistant strains of tuberculosis are so prominent these days? because people weren't fucking responsible with taking their medicine for the full duration of the treatment. it's ultimately up to the individual to curb the spread of disease and the socioeconomic costs associated with it. obese people need to make a concerted effort to control their weight because it's affecting our taxes.
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wow I get on styleforum and I'm happy to see that there are almost 100 new posts. I'm excited to see all the new fit pics and things that could become my inspiration. Imagine my surprise when I see 100 posts of people talking their feelings out and commenting on the state of fat people. I don't usually post but I feel like I need to and I know most people don't and won't care for what I have to say. Most people won't even read it.


I think we should stop arguing about head to toe opulence and mixing and matching. At the end of the day if it looks good who fucking cares. Problem solved.

Who cares what fat people do with themselves, as long as they don't make excuses and try to demand benefits and make excuses for being fat. I personally believe in the laws of thermodynamics. I would assume that the energy you take in and the energy you put out has something to do with your weight. But what do I and physics know. Why would the amount or type of food have anything to do with your weight right? Anyway I think that fat people are just people who enjoy food more than the average person and enjoy exercise less than the average person. I only don't like fat people (mainly fat women) when they try to demand special treatment for being fat i.e. the thin privilege movement. A bunch of fat women who are mad because men don't find them attractive.


Can you guys start posting fit pictures again. I don't like it when style forum talks about their feelings.

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the public cost argument against obesity isn't particularly compelling. is it ok for someone who to be super obese if they pay a lot of money in taxes? how about you nahneun, how much did you pay in taxes last year, and what was the benefit you extracted from social services? what's your expected lifespan? hopefully you drop dead of a heart attack in your 50s while paying a lot of taxes. society would thank you. and if you're so concerned with the economic health of our social services, i imagine you've been declaring all your online purchases over $100 on your income taxes so you can pay the appropriate sales tax. shog[1].gif
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It is if they lock themselves inside and I don't have to interact with them (especially on airplanes).
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i like the idea of taxes paid vs. financial burden to society as a metric of worth. pretty hilarious. nahneun did you go to school in the US? how much financial aid did you receive? what was your major, and what's your income this year?
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here's a better question: why would i disclose my personal information to you?
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Lifestyle interruption. Just trying to get some exercise in, for society's sake

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here's a better question: why would i disclose my personal information to you?

Because if you don't do what Teger says, he'll write another 1200 posts about his job search and thesis.
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The end is nigh!
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Originally Posted by nahneun View Post

here's a better question: why would i disclose my personal information to you?

because you're so quick to condemn others for their personal choices. tit for tat. if your issue with obesity is that it's a public health epidemic, that's all well and good, but if you're simply angry that you might have to pay to support fat people's medical care with your tax dollars, then that's a different story. how do I know you're not using my tax dollars to go to school? why are you suddenly the arbiter of what's 'useful' spending and what's not? is it better to pay for quadruple bypass surgery, or to subsidize someone's english degree?
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Come on teger you're in academia it's like right behind the military industrial complex and big agra in terms of benefiting from government policy.

Our tax dollars are paying for the subsidized student loans that allow the runaway inflation in tuition that pays your salary. Plus your employer has to pay like 0 taxes.
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and that's why i'm not agreeing with nahneun's argument.

like i said, obesity is definitely a public health epidemic and needs to be addressed. but the motivation behind this need shouldn't be 'lets save tax $s', it should be 'we don't want to be a nation of obese people who drop dead of heart attacks at age 35'

a lot of the thin privilege/fat hate arguments are fucking stupid and ridiculous, but nahneun's argument here is just as retarded. it also has nothing to do with breezy's original post, which isn't even about obesity.
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