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Originally Posted by Jbravo View Post

 I agree with this dude BreezyBirch. Some people in here have no social skills, no communication skills whatsoever. Moreover,  some people here act like total dicks. Over-the-top arrogant dicks. And if these dicks happen to have lots of posts on this forum, they're considered by some as alpha-dicks, being worshiped and followed by less powerful dicks (the ones with smaller post count) . That's ridiculous. I really don't understand why some asshole who has made billion stupid posts is more important that someone with 10 posts. I'll give you, dicks, a good advice: never tell anyone something you would not dare to tell in real life within the striking distance . The fear of losing your teeth should not be the only reason for being polite to other people.



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OFF-TOPIC, shitting on thread.
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you assholes aren't respecting mah authoritah!

screw you guys i'm going home
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Haha! That's from South Park!!!
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Originally Posted by elisiX View Post

From my observations, as someone who at one point felt many of the same things you have outlined Breezy, feel that this place has been quite tame lately. For months even.

The moobs / slutty comment might have been stupid, but there's been much worse said about people in here.

elisX i think you're probably right. but i don't really care all that much about about the critqiue of my outfit per se - i've been posting pics here for a little while now so im generally pretty ok with how i look. was just soapboxing myself to make a point

plus i'm probably just being sensitive because i was up all night
Edited by BreezyBirch - 7/1/13 at 10:27am
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I always like breezy fits because not only are the clothes cool but dude also always has an awesome grin or dumb ear-to-ear smile on his face and that always makes me feel good
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what do you guys think about the other part of my rant? like...misrepresenting ourselves in a way to give off some whatever cool vibe instead of like a good ol' "what up internets"
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low sodium donuts?

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Breezy did you remove the fit pic?
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it's back up. seemed silly to take it down for principal - as long as i look GOOD AMIRITE
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Breezy, what do you expect? The internet makes it incredibly easy to create a facade. You're going to get fakers, tryhards, trolls, assholes, ihas9inchdickbutonlyontheinternet, and people like me as soon as you create the opportunity to wear a mask. smile.gif
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That was a post that needed to be made, Breezy. And FWIW I've always thought you were one of the coolest dudes on this forum, both your clothes and your happy face/good persona.


I've always frowned to myself about the comments made on people's bodies in this thread, I mean this is a forum about clothes and how we wear them and someone's weight/body shape shouldn't ever be brought into question, IMO. But I guess it's more a societal problem rather than a problem with the forum itself. 


Yeah and as far as the creating an inaccurate image of yourself here, I mean, it's the internet, posting on here you get to pick and choose what people get to see of you, I'm not going to post shit I don't like about myself up on here and I doubt many other people would, so you're really only going to see the sides of people that they like, it's inevitable really..


*pat on the back for making a post I have never had the balls to make*

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nahneun - yeah i know, dude. normally i don't care - but for some reason i was feeling cranky...must have been the donuts

edit: thx slstr
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Originally Posted by BreezyBirch View Post

what do you guys think about the other part of my rant? like...misrepresenting ourselves in a way to give off some whatever cool vibe instead of like a good ol' "what up internets"

hmmm... sometimes when we call regis an 80s drug cartel jeffe does that mean we are misrepresenting ourselves?

i think its kinda neat to make these comparisons. maybe if it was said that you looked like a sleazy rockstar (im sure synth can come up with something waaaaay better) would it be more of a compliment/more genuine?

...i dunno

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Here's the thing though, slstr. Your body will obviously affect how your clothing ends up being worn. A fat guy wearing a BoO shirt a size too small or a skin tight Julius will look bad, no matter how you dice it. He might be oozing with the quintessential SWAGGGG that can make or break fits, but it'll still be bad. Your natural aura will affect how comfortable you look in your clothes, but a bad look is bad no matter what. Different clothes are made for different body types and there is no one size fits all solution (well...maybe Yohji is as close as you can get to this). If you're posting a fit on the internet and your body is negatively affecting the fit of the clothes, people will comment on it.
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