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good until the shoes, which are BAD
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Originally Posted by L.R. View Post

Had a similar thing happen yesterday. Walked into a store, bumped into a guy wearing the exact same W&H shirt as me. Awkward, fleeting eye-contact, followed by a smile, escalating to a nod and some small talk. Typing this out, I realize he may have been flirting with me.

... happens to me on occasion. why don't I realize until later when my wife says... "I think he was flirting with you!" lol...

love that Louis CK schtick... happy.gif
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When you guys see someone wearing the same thing as you, do you get psyched, or do you feel awkward? I know there's the old joke of women feeling uncomfortable if they see another woman wearing the same dress as them, whereas if men see another guy wearing the same shirt they see a friend for life, but if it ever happens to me, I kind of feel the need to avoid eye contact with this other person. Once when I was in high school I saw another guy wearing the same baseball cap as me, and noticed I caught his attention. Instead of acknowledging his gaze, I quickly kept walking, even after I heard him loudly say "Yo, that guy is wearing the same cap as me!".
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I'd be really really pumped to see someone rocking MMM GATs or a ToJ or some shit, would be like seeing a tiger in the wild around these parts haha
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parker, that vass would make 3 of us fistbump.gif

it seems like you double soled yours, which i did not. they look great.
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back when i used to buy stuff at h&m, zara et al i ran into a guy who was wearing the same coat and shirt as me and looked like me if i had a beard
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hot damn parker, that looks awesome.

also, louis ck is the funniest man on the planet.
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Need to get this Tee slimmed down. Why is it so hard to find the perfect tee?


All Saints:Zam Barrett: KVA:

Pasty Legs
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Void the Brand, H&M (under), Zam Barrett, Broken Homme


This VTB asymmetrical is interesting to work with, the jeans feel fantastic.

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bows that tee looks fine from the admittedly difficult angle
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goddam parker that is straight flossin, close up of the boots?

octo great fit too, disagree with reedo on shoes from what i can tell

i don't know why some people are so awkward who cares if they're wearing the same tee big deal, saw a du at a vegas pool party with the same trunks and we were like louis ck'ing each other, du knew what was up

if i saw someone with one of my knits, well then i'd be, wait a minute let's be real that would never happen
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nice fit, bows. for your build, i think the tee fots well.

looks like you need a light tho.
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This is the Fuuma special.


I think some people went with a double sole variation.
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Originally Posted by g transistor View Post


one of my all time grail shirts... (that i didn't manage to buy) frown.gif

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